Methexis - Topos - 2018


“... an intriguing album ...”


Methexis is the project of the multi instrumentalist Nikitas Kissonas. In the year 2011 the member of Greek bands like Verbal Delerium and Yianneis needed a project to release his material that he had gathered during his stay with those mentioned bands. The debut album “The Fall Of Bliss” was released independently in the same year. On that debut album he played most of the instruments himself. For the successor “Suiciety” he invited some eminent musicians from Greece, UK, Sweden and USA to join him. This collaboration gave a new direction to his music. When I asked Nikitas for a promo copy of that album for a review here on progVisions he mentioned that his new album “Topos” had just been released. So it make more sense to start with a review of his new album (a review of “Suiciety” will follow later). The new album is also an Independent Release and consists out of two long epic tracks, each with a duration of around the twenty minutes.


Nikitas Kissonas - guitars, basses, keyboards & other plucked instruments; Theodore Christodoulou - drums; Nicolas Nikolopoulos - flutes; Konstantinos Kefalas - trumpets; Panagiotis Krabis - Grand piano (Topos 2)


This albums has only two long tracks. The parts are simply entitled “Topos 1” (19:29) and “Topos 2” (20:52). In the digipak you will find a small card with a special code. This code gives you the right to download a special digital edition of the album in which both tracks are divided into parts for an even more eclectic experience. For this review I used the physical CD format, so the version with the two long tracks.

“Topos 1” opens with a heavy guitar part that slowly develops into a multi instrument part with a more jazzy atmosphere. After some minutes all the instruments played by Nikitas are joined by the instruments of the first collaborators. I am talking about the flutes of Nicolas Nikolopoulos and the trumpets of Konstantinos Kefalas. With these instruments the music becomes more diverse. Combined with the keyboards those instruments can provide layers of mysterious soundscapes. Like on the second album “Suiciety” you can find some weird, intriguing and mysterious parts in the music of Methexis. Especially when there is also a Mellotron involved you can expect some beautiful melodies in those dark and mysterious parts. The use of the flute in progressive music is more common then the use of the trumpet. This unusual combination provides the music with an unique and intriguing atmospheres. You have to listen several times to this part before it reveals its beauty. The opening of “Topos 2” is a little easier to digest. Brooding but beautiful melodies with piano and acoustic guitars which are later joined by the trumpet and flute. Then the music becomes more mysterious. The guitar sounds have like all the music on this album a large degree of diversity. After twelve minutes you can enjoy a wonderful guitar / trumpet duet. The most wonderful melodies are finding it’s way to your heart. Now I can understand the special note on the digipak that says “Topos 2” is dedicated to my sentimental sanctuary: Andy Latimer”. There is even a small section with music that has a strong resemblance to the music of Andy’s band Camel. After this wonderful part the music becomes more uptempo and complex and is slowly working towards a kind of climax.


Well I think that this is an album for the open minded music lover. You have to listen several times to this intriguing album before it will reveal it’s true beauty. I encourage Nikitas Kissonas to go further on this progressive path. Developing his music to the next level by collaborating with musicians which are playing for Prog unusual instruments like the trumpet. The flute and trumpet are an enlargement of his musical spectrum. I enjoyed listening to this album very much and I am looking forward to investigate the music of it’s predecessor “Suiciety”. An album on which musicians like Linus Kase (Anglagard) and Joe Payne (ex The Enid) are contributing. So stay tuned to progVisions.

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