Manel Camp & Santi Arisa - Complicitats - 1997


How fantastic it is to find these kind of jewels again. Pieces which make you to rejoin the music of highest creative standards, enjoying yourself within intricate paths heading for the pure genius. It’s like attending to a lecture where two great masters fill us with deep sensations which also make us feel so small. They are the fifty per cent of the greatest and superb prog band of the seventies called Fusioon. An encounter that took place in December 1997 and which gave the two musicians a new opportunity to reshuffle again their ideas. The place was a Cultural Centre of a small town called Sant Cugat, a place where the magic covered the walls of brilliant and beautiful sounds.


The drum machine of Santi Arisa and the grand piano of Manel Camp lace together in a record full of eight songs, four pieces for each one. A record that is neither a caprice nor a work to experiment with new sounds, but a CD revisiting and performing some of their most delicate and at the same time complex musical movements. The track listing is as follows “Can Poc i Bo”, “Camp d’Oliveres”, “Coincidencies”, “Minorisa”, “Excuses... Excuses...”, “Esclats”, “Que hem de fer?” & “Solo ante la batería”.

The ones who know their work from the beginning of seventies will understand what i’m talking about. And I’m accounting for a complicated and close music with loads of classic tints and the ways that their music takes are endless. A structure that we could call it as a fusion of classic and contemporary blend with jazz and mediterranean sounds. The two instruments lead the pace, there is none forcing anything, they help each other and they talk to each other just like being in an intellectual chat with two different parts who love each other. The percussion work is amazing, comparable with the best Christian Vander or the most brilliant Bill Bruford. The keys reanimates a style that was somehow related to the classic progressive rock coming from the mediterranean area and different from the typical classic prog rock from the rest of Europe. It makes me recall the Toni Plagliuca’s work or Gian Piero Reverberi’s.


To sum up, I’d like to advise you that it’s a work of a high level, a good one for the ones that seek for complicated prog rock and fusion. They’re two masters of music enjoying freely what they do and that always turns to be very interesting.

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Jordi Costa - January 2003 -   - Picap Records