Manel Camp - Banda Sonora - 2003


I think this man doesn’t need any introduction. Manel Camp is one of the greatest genius of our times, a master of keys, multifarious and excellent creator, mixture between a classic composer and a jazz-man. A man who has a lot to do with progressive music as he was one of the founders of the classic prog band Fusioon, one of the first prog bands in Spain. A group that exposed all their great talent by the early seventies. After they split up Manel focused his interest on soundtracks, working for such important directors; Vicente Aranda, Francesc Bellmunt or Manel Cussó-Ferrer (very important directors in Spain and Catalonia). His curriculum vitae is absolutely stunning. A career that has always tried to work with the Contemporary structures enhancing the jazz mentality.


In this new release the keyboard player has chosen his favorite soundtracks and he has played them with a magnificent orchestra. A compilation that shows his unique style and of course his tremendous skill. The first part of the record reviews some of his work made for the two great directors Francesc Bellmunt and Manel Cussó-Ferrer. The pieces which will surely be remembered by the spanish film addicts are songs that sometimes fly above a vast surrealistic wilderness.“Monturiol” and “Ictineo”, are the two first pieces and both are a fantastic symphonic exercises with some jazz elements. His music depicts brilliantly the movements of a hesitating submarine. “Ciclistes” soaks the piece in an interesting surreal atmosphere. It reminds me a lot the Dali’s marvelous and also insane masterpieces. “L’ultima frontera”, “Capri” and “Réquiem a Walter Benjamín” is a part dedicated to the famous german philosopher Walter Benjamin and his fights against the Nazi holocaust. The pace of the work changes a lot with the section “Tranvía”, “Mort d’en Tomàs” and specially “Un negre amb un saxo” taken from the famous films made out of the successful spanish writer books called Ferran Torrent. We’ve got “Fanny pelopaja” and “La muchacha de las bragas de oro” from the famous director Vicente Aranda; the first one is very dynamic and changing, the second one is sad and melancholic, played almost in its totality by a wiping cello. Finally Mr. Camp give us a jewel which is part of the soundtrack of the masterpiece “The Crowd” by King Vidor.


I don’t know how to recommend this CD because i think is an amazing record that goes beyond any recommendation. It’s not prog-rock but it’s full of the great symphonic landscapes that sometimes swamps our style. I only would like to end up saying that this is extraordinary. You can find it at

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Jordi Costa - July 2003 -   - Picap