Luiz Zamith - Introspecçã - 2018


“... Brazilian atmospheres and Jazz Fusion ...”


Maybe Luiz Zamith is an unknown name for European Prog fans but the attentive progVisions reader will remember his name from this Brazilian composer, guitarist and arranger. In February 2018 I wrote a review of the new Brazilian band Vitral who released their debut album “Entre As Estrelas” on Masque Records. The guitarist on that wonderful album was Luiz Zamith. With the support of Masque Records he released under his own name the album “Introspecçã”. The album is the result of his maturation as composer and arranger and he got the help of some remarkable Brazilian musicians. Most of the tracks are recorded in a live setting with this band.


Luiz Zamith - electric guitar; Augusto Mattoso - bass guitar; Ronaldo Rodrigues - keyboards; Paulo Teles - flute; Elcio Cafaro - drums

Special guest: Mase Sant’Anna - vocal on “Trem de Cão”


“Introspecçã” (“Introspection”) is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings, a human self-reflection that provides a privileged access to our own mental states. Introspecçã is dedicated in memory of Luiz Fernando Zamith, Luiz Zamith’s uncle and godfather, who was cellist in the main orchestras of Rio de Janeiro, pianist, arranger and the man who encouraged Luiz a lot to carry out this project.

You can find nine tracks on this album. While the tracks 1, 8 and 9 were recorded in February 2018 at HR Estudio in Rio de Janeiro, tracks 2 to 7 were recorded live on 16/07/2016 at Centro Cultural Solar de Botafogo. This last fact is remarkable because it is hardly to hear. Just because the musicians are responsible for an outstanding performance of this beautiful music.

The album opens with the title track “Introspecçã”, a short and delicate piece of guitar playing and some flute melodies. This overture sets the introspective atmosphere of the album. The next piece is as you could read above the first track that is recorded live. “Alguem Ainda se Lembra das Antas?” (“Does anyone still remember the Tapirs?”) is a beautiful piece of music about the Tapir and the hope to raise people’s awareness of the need to preserve the natural ecosystems. I would describe the music as typical Brazilian (South American) Prog. Music with warmth and beautiful melodies. Soaring guitar solo’s and lovely flute melodies are the important ingredients. But there is also a fine rhythm section with nice bass parts and lush organ and synth melodies. Although the music is very original at some point I had to think of bands like Tempus Fugit and the Dutch Focus. Please read this as a little reference to the atmosphere of the music. “Outro Dia” (“Another Day”) with it’s recurring theme displays the admiration for the contributing musicians who show their musical craftsmanship. You can find some wonderful solo’s in this piece with influences of Brazilian Bossa Nova and Jazz music. In “Cantiga” (“Ditty”) Luiz is combining all kinds of rhythms and harmonies. Interesting piece of music. Tema No 1 and Vice-versa could be seen as one piece of music. The first part is an up-tempo part with jazz fusion like guitar parts and flute melodies. In “Vice-versa” we find besides the jazzy fusion guitar also nice keyboard and synth parts. I like the uplifting flute melodies. With “Balada” the band slows down a little bit with beautiful flute and guitar parts. It is a love song and it has a more Progressive Rock atmosphere. It is one of my personal favorites, great song. The opening of “Trem de Cão” has some Jethro Tull influences. In this special song guest musician Mase Sant’Anna is singing her own lyrics. It is a powerful piece of music with delicate and beautiful sung vocal melodies. The album ends with the song “Essência” (“Essence”). This is also one of my personal favorites. A song with diversity and beautiful melody lines. The slow guitar melodies and the Hammond parts gave memory flashes of bands like Focus and Procol Harum. A worthy ending of a wonderful album.


“Introspecçã” from Luiz Zamith is a fine album full of nice melodies. Musically speaking it is a combination of Brazilian atmospheres and Jazz Fusion, Classical music and Progressive Rock influences. The electric guitar and the flute have an important role in the melodic melody lines. I enjoyed listening to this album very much. The music has that typical South American (or must I say Brazilian) warmth. Check it out for yourself.

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