La Tulipe Noir - Shattered image - 2000


I love this CD!!. Probably -and if you have looked at the qualification- you think that I am drunk, or that the drunkard is the webmaster. Neither both of them are the case here (I believe). Then, why do I say that I love a CD to which I only grant two stars and a half?. Very easy. I have always considered that the personal tastes should give priority to the objectivity. After all, many of you spend your money trusting in my objective opinion. And if something bothers me it is when a reader, trusting in my review, throws the money away in a CD being able to buy other in agreement with his tastes.


In short, the case is that I love this CD since I am a fanatic of the early Marillion - especially "Market Square Heroes", "Script for a Jester´s tear" and "Fugazi" - and La Tulipe Noire is the nearest thing to the sound of the band of Fish in its early time. If you thought Arena´s "Songs from the lion´s cage" was a copy of Marillion it is because you have still not heard La Tulipe Noire. It is only necessary to take a look to the letters of the logo of the band to realize it, since they are exactly the same that those of the logo created by Mark Wilkinson.

To listen any track of La Tulipe Noire is to recreate tracks so diverse as "Chelsea Monday", "The web", "She Chameleon", "Three boats down from the candy", "Charting the single", "Fugazi" or "Grendel". Evidently they are not mere photocopies of the mentioned tracks but the similarities are sometimes tracings to 99%... listen to it and tell me later... it is surprising!.

The musicians are good without being virtuous (as Marillion at the beginning, let us don't deceive ourselves) and they don't in fact highlight for their originality. Alix -girl - (keyboards) uses everything in order to resemble Kelly, the bassist (a mysterious guy named Hyde) could have been avoided attending the recording sessions (is there a bassist in this CD?), Nick Kassavetis (drums) sounds exactly the same as Mike Pointer 20 years ago (hollow sound), and the tandem S.Kontakis/Y.Barkoulas (guitars) is the only one that contributes something of originality to the band, although neither too much!. The voice of Ima -another girl- is as sweetly out of tune as Fish, trying to put passion to the not very original texts. In fact, I find very similar to that of Anne Nurmi (Lacrimosa), even in the English accent.


Enough said. Simply this is an album that the nostalgic fans of Marillion will love and, of course, those who don't want to get complicated themselves too much with the CDs habitually reviewed in progVisions. As a reviewer I think that I have already given you an idea of what LaTulipe Noire is... now I will listen the CD two or three times in a row (he, he).

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Alfonso Algora - January 2001 -   - Musea Records