Last Tribe - The Uncrowned - 2003


We were in for a big surprise at progVisions when we listened to the new work of the Swedish Last Tribe! The band of the guitar hero Markus Karlsson brings us this time an album called “The Uncrowned”. For this album they had the collaboration of Richard Bengtsson on vocals, Jaime Salazar (who already worked with The Flower Kings) on drums and Dick Lövgren on bass.

Playing mostly melodic-metal we can find some other well done progressive reminiscences inside their style. Before to start It is also necessary to highlight the sound quality of the album. Good production and good arrangements for this “The Uncrowned”.


We start with the first track called "Healer" and just form the beginning we can appreciate the hardness & melody in the music that sometimes reminds to some Symphony X songs. A loud sound in which the guitars are above everything. Very aggressive riffs and rhythms & also quite progressive for this first track. A superhit to be placed in the top of the best radio lists. Next we find "Chosen One" that continues the melodic progressive wave of these Swedes. We´ll highlight the great solo parts carried out by the predominant guitar. What a solo! pure feeling!. "Sacrifice" is introduced as a softer topic without those aggressive riffs. Full of a great dose of melody we can say that this song is one of the bests of the album in which the main vocal melody & the choirs are taken to another level getting a perfect mixture of melody and good taste. A great work in the voices by Mr Bengtsson. "The Uncrowned" is the song that gives title to the album. Without a doubt it will be one of the hymns of this year. We shall see their heavier fans screaming this song in all the metal pubs around the world. Rare rhythms and extremely catchy melodies that will make the delights of power metal lovers. Songs like "April Sky" and the great ballad called "Sound of Kain" are not repetitive but follows the same wave of the latest songs. Lots of hard riffs, speed & melody. In spite of the fact that "Only the Innocent" and "Full Moon" continues in the same wave than the others, this songs are slower compared with the speed and power of the first songs. This tracks have the same spirit but I think that are a bit less elaborated than the others. To finish.. another superhit called "Call of the Tribe". Hard, In your face & loud like the first songs, following the style of Symphony X with aggressive riffs and a good work on drums.


Finally we can say that we are listened one of the best melodic progressive metal albums of this year. Last Tribe has taken their place among the bands that don't continue doing the same thing. They reinvent the style once again. We hope that this formation consolidates to show us their music on stage someday. Continue this way!

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Germán Villén - January 2004 -   - Frontiers Records