Lazuli - live @ l'Abeille rôde - 2013



“A live document of one of the most original but still underrated progressive bands!”

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First of all I want to thank Dominique Leonetti for sending me this wonderful DVD. Live @ l'Abeille rôde is a live document of one of the most original but still underrated progressive bands. The French band makes an unique kind of progressive rock. The intensity of the music reminds me often of that other French band ... Ange. The band has developed an unique sound in the progscene. When Claude Leonetti in 1996 had a motorbike accident it deprived him to use his left arm. Missing his guitar he developed a new kind of instrument and called it the Léode. The instrument is a mix of guitar, a synthesizer and a musical saw. The Léode controls a sampler and multi-effects by a MIDI system. A kind of guitar-synthesizer without strings and a unique sound.


Claude Leonetti - Léode, backing vocals; Gédéric Byar - Electric guitar; Vincent Barnavol - Drums, percussion, marimba & backing vocals; Romain Thorel - Keyboards, bass left hand, French Horn & backing vocals; Dominique Leonetti - Lead vocals, electric guitar & 12 string guitar

Overdub session on “Festin ultime”:
Hugo Piris - Violin; Anna Swieton - Violin; Capucine Decourt - Violin; David Dussaud - Viola; Antonin Winter - Cello; Becvort Léa - Cello

Overdub session on “Mal du chien”:
Grand Ensemble de Cuivres du Conservatoire de Nîmes
Jean-claude Relave - Trumpet & Piccolo Trumpet; Nans Barbier - Trumpet; Nicolas Planchon - Trumpet; Florent Blum-Vaxelaire - Trumpet; Julien Crouzet - Trumpet; Carla Hege - French Horn; Jean-luc Imbert - Euphonium; André Christophe - Euphonium; Daniel Beltramo - Tuba; Claude Dorel - Trombone; Christophe Castel - Trombone; Sophie Marques - Trombone; Pierre Lefort - Bass Trombone


The disc can be divided into three parts. The main part is a live performance (without an audience) recorded at l'Abeille rôde studio. All the highlights of the four studio albums of the band can be found here. The band is playing amazing arrangements of: “Je te Laisse ce Monde”; “Abîme”; “L'arbre”; “Festin Ultime” (with string sextet); “15H40”; “Dans le Formol au Museum”; “Ouest Terne”; “Le Miroir aux Alouettes”; “L'azur”; “Mal de Chien” (with brass ensemble); “Capitaine Coeur de Mile” (my favourite Ange composition); “La Valse à Cent Ans”; “On Nous Ment Comme on Respire”; “Cassiopée”; “Saleté De Nuit” and “Les Malveillants” with an intensity and passion that is not from this world. The band members are creating their own universe ... great to see the friendship and camaraderie between the members ... they have so much fun playing music together.

My personal favorites; the classic Lazuli opener “Je te Laisse ce Monde”, the passionate sung “Abîme”, the Arabic influences and great solo's in “L'arbre”, the beautiful classical arrangements and great melodies of “Festin Ultime”; the delicate moments in “15H40”, “Ouest Terne” and “L'azur”; the marimba, brass ensemble and beautiful sung vocals in “Mal de Chien”, the passion in my favourite Ange song “Capitaine Coeur de Mile”, the beautiful melodies and great vocals in “La Valse à Cent Ans” and “Cassiopée”, the minimal influences in “Saleté De Nuit”. Well there are only highlights in this set. The closing section of the main part of this DVD is formed by an amazing performance of “Les Malveillants”. And in every song you can enjoy some of the sounds of the immense musical color palet of the Léode!

In part two of this amazing DVD you can enjoy some tracks that were played at the “Loreley” festival and at the “2 days of Prog” festival in Veruno. The “Loreley” section exists of the compositions “Je te Laisse ce Monde”; “Le Miroir aux Alouettes”; “Les Malveillants” and “Film d'aurore”. The band is rocking in “Je te Laisse ce Monde” and “Les Malveillants” and you can witness a great guitar/Léode battle in “Le Miroir aux Alouettes”. Wow ... I'm impressed with the intensity and passion that the band puts in the performance of their unique music. In Veruno the encore “9 hands around the marimba” was filmed. This is a marimba solo played by the complete band on a single marimba ... amazing!

Part three exists of an acoustic session (“Joliciel 2.0” and “L'essentiel”) filmed under the tilia tree. This is showing again the camaraderie and friendship between the members of Lazuli.


If you don't know the music of Lazuli and don't have any of the four studio albums ( “Amnésie” (2004), “En avant doute ... ”(2006), “Réponse incongrue à l'inéluctable” (2009), “(4603 battlements)” (2011) ) of the band this DVD is the perfect introduction to an unique French band called Lazuli. The live performance in the l'Abeille rôde studio can be seen as an extension of Lazuli's music. The band comes with fresh and amazing arrangements of their own music ... the band pushed their music towards the next level. Highly Recommended!

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