L’Albero Del Veleno - Tale of a Dark Fate - 2017


“... dark and mysterious atmospheres ...”


The Italian band L’Albero Del Veleno (Poison Tree) released their debut album “Le Radici Del Male” in 2013. The band is inspired by horror films, so fans of the band Goblin will have to check out this band. The new album “Tale of a Dark Fate” is presented as a fully instrumental opera in two acts. The story is about two of the characters of Ancient Greek mythology, Hypnos and Thanatos. Tale of the Dark is distributed by the Italian Black Widow Records label.


Nadin Petricelli - keyboards, synth; Lorenzo Picchi - guitar; Michele Andreuccetti - bass; Marco Brenzini - flute; Claudio Miniati - drums

Violin, Viola and Strings by Jacopo Ciani 
Choir arrangement by Cesare Valentini 


As said this album is presented as an instrumental opera in two acts. Both acts has five parts and the two acts are preceded by the prelude “The Poison Tree”. This short introduction sets the atmosphere of the album, a mysterious and brooding dark atmosphere. The first act is about the Hypnos character and is divided into the parts “Morpheus”, “Phobetor”, “Interlude I - Momus”, “Phantasos” and “Interval”. “Morpheus” is a great piece of music with lovely strings and dark waves of Mellotron. If you like a reference you could always mention the band Goblin but personally I got flashbacks of those brilliant albums of the French band Pulsar. This part flows into the mysterious and melodious “Phobetor” which has the same atmosphere but is enriched by beautiful classical strings. This is followed by the short “Interlude I - Momus” which has a classical basis with piano and strings. It holds the attention of the listener by it’s mysterious atmosphere. “Phantasos” is an intriguing piece of music with a slow tempo and a diverse instrumentation of guitars, synths, piano, flute and primal drums. It has a dark and brooding atmosphere.

After a very short and soundless Interval”, the second act “Thanatos” opens with the piece “Clotho”. The electronic and somewhat ambient atmosphere is enriched with lively drum parts. With a duration of more than 7 minutes this is the longest composition of this intriguing album. You can find beautiful orchestrations and some fine synth melodies in this highlight. This is followed by the part “Lachesis”. The atmosphere of this piece is more a combination of classical strings, post rock guitars and electronica. In the end you can enjoy a melodic flute melody. It has an abrupt transition to “Interlude II - Ananke”. It opens with classical violin and mysterious synth strings. Then the pounding bass is accompanied by the electric guitar and slowly the piece gets more post-rock influences. The album closes with “Atropos” a more RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) orientated piece of music with Hammond organ, flute, synths and a rich orchestration and a “Postlude - Moros” which is an classical piano piece played on an electronic piano. In the end the piano is accompanied by a delicate violin and viola string section. So the album gets a beautiful and classical ending.


This second L’ Albero Del Veleno album “Tale of a Dark” is even stronger than the band’s debut “Le Radici Del Male”. It is a beautiful album with a dark and mysterious atmosphere. I like this kind of melancholic music. This intriguing album is highly recommended by progVisions.

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