Korai Öröm - Sound & Vision - 2001


Take a strong modern rhythm, played by drums, percussion and bass and put a melodic theme played by solo instruments like of course guitars and keyboards, but also an occasional trumpet, flute and some other exotic instruments on top of that combined with some spacey synthesizer sounds to keep it all "liquid". These are the ingredients of the music of the Hungarian 8-piece band Korai Öröm. The produce music since 1993 and “Sound and vision” is the title of their 8th album released in 2001. It contains six musical pieces and a video clip of their 2001 European tour. Remarkable is that the tracks are all untitled.


I’m not too familiar with today’s popular music styles, but I guess the music of Korai Öröm has its roots in the trip-hop music scene. Because of the tight rhythm patterns (with little variations in most pieces) and the moody solos the music of Korai Öröm has a sort of trance-like or psychedelic appearance, but is also quite dance-able. In the video clip on the CD we see that they perform their music in places where there is much room for dancing people.

So is this progrock? I guess not, from a narrow point of view. Nevertheless, their music has an interesting sound, because of the mix of different musical styles that pass by in the melodies and solos. Apart form the specific style of the rhythm pattern; especially in the first two tracks (6:50 and 9:02) the melodic style reminds me of Ash Ra.
Track 3 (7:31) has a sort of reggae flavor and some vocals in the already mentioned trip-hop style, or perhaps in this case more in the hip-hop style. It also features some (hard) rock guitar riffs and solos and finishes with an eastern melody with a piano-like keyboard sound.
Track 4 (8:02) has a guitar sound that is reminiscent of The Shadows and other guitar bands from the sixties, but we also hear a banjo playing country music.

Its a pity that with track 5 (6:03) the music gets more quiet but also a little dull and monotonous, despite the lively "world music" guitar chords and vocals of track 6 (8:15).


Perhaps the modern psychedelic dance music of Korai Öröm appeals most to lovers of Ozric Tentacles because of the similarities in guitar styles, emphasis on rhythm and ethnic influences.

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Wim Verweij - December 2002 -   - Periferic Records