Katatonia - Last fair deal gone down - 2001


The new CD of the veteran band Katatonia will be released next March 26th. The band was formed in 1990 and has to date published a number of CDs, such as "Jhva Elohim Meth... the Revival" ´92; "Dance of December Souls" ´93; "For Funerals to Come" ´94; "Brave Murder Day" ´97; "Sounds of Decay" ´97; "Saw you Drown" ´98; "Discouraged Ones" ´98; and "Tonight's Decision" ´99. Their music is depressive and deep, and has always been associated to that of bands like Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride or Type 0 Negative.


With "Last fair deal gone down" Katatonia comes closer to progressive doom, a style created by the fantastic Anathema (with albums as good as "Eternity", "Judgement" or, mainly "Alternative 4") and that it is characterized by the mix of depressive-neurotic elements a la Pink Floyd, with walls of double guitars full with effects like flangers or delays.

Since we don't have the track list of "Last fair deal gone down" I cannot still comment you in detail the 11 songs included. I can explain that the whole CD is carried out in a lineal, sad but powerful way, without need to appeal to decibel intensity to give tension and pessimism to the songs. Fortunately the Anathema style has influenced the form of composing of Katatonia (even in vocal style of Jonas Renkse) and the band has abandoned the long and dark pieces a la "My Dying Bride" to go into a more versatile path within its style - and much more pleasant to listen. Nevertheless, they still do not achieve that point of emotional intensity that characterizes Anathema maybe due to the almost total absence of keyboards and of orchestrations that created a style in "Eternity", while Katatonia remain in a no-man’s land that could be compared to bands like Sirrah in their CD "Acme".


In definitive, if you want to get acquainted in an style as interesting as full with mediocre bands (to find a good band you must listen to 150 horrible bands) Last fair deal gone down can be a good beginning, although if I was curious to taste this music style I would begin with "Alternative 4" of Anathema. This album is only a possible principle for Katatonia to reach a privilege status.

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Alfonso Algora - February 2001 -   - Peaceville Records