Kalisantrope - Anatomy Of The World - 2016



“Davide Freguglia ... the center of the music of Kalisantrope ...”


Kalisantrope is a progressive instrumental trio from Milan, Italy. In December 2014 they released their first EP “Anatomy of the World”. At the moment the band is working hard on their debut album that will be released in the beginning of next year. The year 2017 will be an important year for the band because they will not only present their debut album but also have their first gig abroad. The band is asked to perform at the CD presentation of the new album of the band Unreal City. On September 10th both Italian bands will present their new albums at a ProgFrog duo gig in Nieuwekerk a/d IJssel, The Netherlands.


Kalisantrope was founded in the year 2013 and consists of the following members:
Noemi Bolis - Bass; Alex Carsetti - drums and Davide Freguglia - keyboards


On this EP you can find 5 tracks. The opener is called “Varroa Destructor” and has a strong basis of bass and drums. After the first up-tempo part the music becomes more mysterious in the middle section. This is accomplished by the synths of Davide Freguglia. This talented keyboard player is the center of the music of Kalisantrope. The music has often a somewhat dark character. In “Hypophysis” you can find a nice synth solo in a Neo-prog style, but this short track ends with a mysterious Mellotron part. The slow opening of “Holodomor” is also mysterious and very nice. But the most interesting tracks of this EP are “Concept Fading” and the suite “She”. In “Concept Fading” you can find some nice classical piano parts in which Davide is showing his talents. After a brooding up-tempo part the composition ends with nice keyboard strings. The “She” suite exists out of the parts “Funeral Elegy”, “1st Anniversary: an anatomy of the world” and “2nd Anniversary: the progress of the soul”. Of course “Funeral Elegy” is based on a (church) organ part. In “1st Anniversary: an anatomy of the world” the organ sounds more jazzy. In “2nd Anniversary: the progress of the soul” the piano is returning in the sound palette. The music is now more complicated and has an somewhat experimental jazz atmosphere. The suite is for me the highlight of this EP.


“Anatomy of the World” is an interesting first effort of a new and young band that has like the earlier mentioned Unreal City a talented keyboard player in its ranks. The other similarity is that both bands has a female member. But the music of both bands is quite different. The music of Kalisantrope is darker and is more influenced by (free) jazz. I am curious about how the music of this band will develop in the coming years. Looking forward to the new album and their gig next year in my home country. ProgVisions will be there!

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