Kada - Búcsúzas (Farewell) - 2001

"If you mix the music of Frank Zappa, David Torn and King Crimson
and place it into the 21st century, you would get Kada"


Kada was established in 1995 by guitarist László Válik. "Farewell" is their second CD and released on the also Hungarian label Periferic Records. The orchestration is Jazz-Rock alike and they are mainly interested in longer compositions, including both composed and improvised parts. Free structures, unique rhythms and experimenting liveliness are featuring their style. The album is more or less live recorded.


Band members are:
Ballay Gergely - drums Baros Attila - bass guitar (except 2/4) Katona Gergely - trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone (except 2/2,4) Kollmann Gábor - Baritone, alto saxes (1/4,5) Mogyoró Gyõzõ - conga, darbuca (except 1/6, 2/1, 3, 4, 6) Váczi Dániel - sopranino sax (except 1/1-2) Válik Lászió - electric guitar
Gryllus Sámuel - bass guitar (2/5)


Disc one:
1-2 Nergilé (10:09)
The CD opens with sounds from the bush (birds and water) and after a while the first guitar licks ala David Torn are coming out of my headphone speakers. The music sounds the first two minutes as laid back jazz fusion with a nice fretless bass and some trumpet parts. After that the music gets some influences from the eastern world and gets more improvised. The basis of the music is one large guitar solo, which reminds me of the earlier mentioned David Torn and Frank Zappa (his period of long guitar solo's). In the end it becomes a little bit freaky.

3 Búcsúzas (Farewell) (7:41)
Seamless the music goes into the title track, which starts with peaceful sax work. The pace is slow and after a while the trumpet joins the sax. The band Shadowfax crossed my mind while listening to the beautiful sax part. The fusion guitar is playing in a songmatic way and is not freaky. I like this piece very much

4 Borelo (12:43)
The next track has a little bit an atmosphere of India in it. The pace is again slow in the beginning with mainly guitar work. After six minutes the trumpet is back again. That trumpet reminds me now slightly of After Crying. Then the bass is giving presence. The track is getting intense with every instrument that joins the music. Again the guitar is playing for the composition.

5 Szimmetria variáció/Symmetry variation (10:29)
Jazz-fusion what we here again, now with a trumpet which sounds like Miles Davis. The guitar is now again the solo instrument, and if I tell that this guy plays like David Torn you will know that he can play that guitar. All the members of Kada are very skilful on their instruments. There is also a solo on sax and the intension of the music is building up. After the sax solo comes the drums solo and a nice plucking bass sound before the track ends a little bit freaky with a heavily distorted guitar sound.

6 Az utolsó lng/The last shirt (acoustic version) (1:58)
A short peaceful intermezzo and a musical bridge into the last track of the first CD.

7-8 Beavatkozás/Intervention (13:43)
For the first time we here the King Crimson influence in the guitar intro. After that we get again that David Torn atmosphere with guitar and trumpet. But at the next break it is again King Crimson. Then a very heavy and freaky David Torn like part, which is coming to a halt by a slow trumpet, which reminds me of the romantic playing of Chris Botti. Then again the beautiful sax and slow guitar parts. The improvisations of Kada have such a great quality that I can't hear the difference; in what is composition and what is improvisation? The first CD lets me speechless; this is great and skilfully played music. Another gem from Hungary, I like this kind of surprises.

Disc two:
1 A beavatkozás folytatódik/Intervention continued (13:21)
A quiet opening with guitar before the long and complex improvisation begins. This is not easy listening music, but music for the fans of Torn and Zappa who likes improvised and experimental jazz-fusion. The last part is up-tempo and the guitar is in front of the music.

2 Sziget, csutörtök (koncert)/Island, Thursday (live) (14:12)
This is a very complex, heavy and somewhat chaotic piece. We hear no audience but the band is playing live at full speed. The guitar and sax are duelling against each other. This is not the kind of music you listen to together with your girlfriend. You better listen to it with your headphones on.

3 Népzene/Folk music (14:11)
This piece starts with an improvisation of Válik Lászió on the guitar, and he uses all kinds of electronic effects to distort his guitar sounds. This is again a very complex piece. The second CD has a more improvised and experimental character. At a later point the sax and trumpet are joining the guitar again while the bass is very fat and the drummer reminds me of Bill Bruford's playing in Bruford's Earthworks. Maybe this comes because there is also trombone in the music.

4 A forrás/The source (2:54)
Spacey electronic guitar sounds and a trumpet are the basis of this composition. It is amazing there are no keyboards and synthesisers on this album. Everything is done with the guitar and lots of electronic effects. Very impressive, and often the name of David Torn is crossing my mind. This must be seen as a compliment.

5 Sziget, szombat (koncert)/Island, Saturday (live) (12:41)
The second live piece. I think the whole album is more or less live recorded but there are two pieces, which are recorded with an audience and this, is one of them. Only the sound of the audience is not often heard in the mix. Again a very complex piece of improvised Jazz-Fusion with a screaming guitar. It is not easy to listen to both CD's in a single session. The second CD is very complex and up-tempo. I miss the slow parts of the first CD.

6 Az utolsó lng/The last shirt (full version) (10:28)
Very nice to hear again a slow piece of music which includes a beautiful guitar with lots of echo. The guitar is only joined with bass and cymbals. After a while the sax joins but the tempo is still very relaxed. The romantic trumpet is also here again and the piece is very atmospheric and spacey. This side of Kada I like most, where slowly the music is building up to a kind of climax but then fades out into complete silence.


This is not a CD for the average prog-fan but if you like the improvised music of David Torn you must listen to this one. I am very impressed with the compositions, improvisations and the skills of the musicians. I like the first CD better because it is more relaxed. But that is a personal taste.

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