Jaime Rosas Trio - Extremos - 2004


I am scared when I see the suffix Trio after the name of a musician (if the word is Quartet I get definitely frightened). But if the musician is from South America and the tracklist includes five tracks titled “Breve Pieza Rockera” and two titled “Sonido Vital” I imagine all kind of experimental nonsense I try to avoid because I have no interest in circus acrobatics by bands who tries to show how Crimson or how avant-garde they are.

This time I´m wrong because Jaime Rosas Trio is a real and mighty progressive rock band. Very original although they don´t use their musical skills in order to surprise us with senseless Martian experiments. In fact there are lots of connections to ELP´s ostentatious and megalithic music along the five parts of “Breve Pieza Rockera”.

This trio from Chile is formed by Jaime Rosas (keyboards), Rodrigo Godoy (bass, guitar, vocals), and Alex Von Chrismar (drums)


OK then, the burst with “Breve Pieza Rockera VI” (3:37) is pure Emersonnish adrenalin supported by a powerful bass notes and overwhelming drums. A sort of “Hoedown” in a shitty mood. Godoy leads “Breve Pieza Rockera VII” (3:20) with an amazing guitar work. By the way... where are parts I to V?. Sorry I haven´t more information regarding this band, but if these parts are in a previous album, I have to look for it. “Sonido Vital Uno” (3:32) is a track only with a piano that creates nice melodies. “Breve Pieza Rockera VIII” (2:42) is pure “Tarkus” sound and “Breve Pieza Rockera IX” (3:10) brings back the lead guitars. What an amazing album!. What amazing musicians they are!. “Sonido Vital Dos” (6:02) is like the first part, a keyboard and piano oriented song with a sweet acoustic guitar. “Sonido Vital” is the Beauty and “Breve Pieza Rockera” the Beast. “Breve Pieza Rockera X” (2:22) and his speedy keyboards is the prelude to the last two tracks, the short and nice “Tiempos de Paz” (2:45) and the suite “Viajero Astral” (15:13), the only sung track – God didn´t gave Rodrigo the gift of a wonderful voice – where the trio shows how they can create good vocal melodies. In the same way the trio also shows how they can play long songs with different rhythms and atmospheres. The track is impressive, with epic moments and an overwhelming instrumental development from the seventh minute until the end.


Enough said... if you love ELP, sympho rock in all its best with all the adjectives used by the enemies of progressive rock, this album is a must. One of the best albums I´ve listened to in a long time.

By the way, Jaime Rosas Trío will play next June 25th at Austral Progresivo Festival in Argentina.

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