Julio Presas - Amaneciendo en la cruz del sur - 2003


With good taste and original ideas the CD´s artwork can be improved a lot. Instead of the typical box of plastic.. a box made with carton and a case for the CD. This format brings us the aroma of old LP's, just like the japanese re-releases of Genesis and P.Gabriel. I have to congratulate El Viajero Inmóvil, the responsible of that idea, which also recovers some good old gems from the oblivion. Alfonso Algora wrote about this label in the article “Some argentinean progressive releases”, published in February update.


The album I´m going to review is “Amaneciendo en la cruz del sur” by Julio Presas, guitarist of the band Materia Gris. With that band he recorded in 1972 an only album entitled “Oh perra vida de Beto”, labeled as the first argentinean rock opera. After having worked as sound technician collaborating with Carlos Cutaia and Carlos Riganti, he decided to record his first solo LP. Labels aren´t interested in his material and the original tapes got deteriorated as years went by. Unfortunately the recording lost its sound quality but, after a good mastering work, the album was recovered and, thanks to Viajero Inmóvil, now sees the light.

The musicians are the following: Julio Presas (guitars, bass and vocals), Carlos Cutaia (keyboards and synthesizers), Carlos Riganti (drums and percussion), Alicia Presas (backing vocals) and Marcelo Vitale (synths in tracks 7, 9 and 10). The bonus tracks are played by Julio Presas (guitars and vocals), Mono Fontana (drums and percussion) and Carlos Cutaia (bass, synths and piano).

The album consists of the following tracks:

“Amaneciendo en la cruz del sur” (4:01)
“Ronda al fin” (3:24)
“La reunión” (4:07)
“Siempre dependemos de la escuela” (4:10)
“Porqué perdimos la pasión?” (3:21)
“Desconcertado estás” (2:56)
“Otoño de soledad” (5:40)
“Tristeza Vienesa” (2:06)
“Las suaves palabras” (3:34)
“En un mar de silencio” (4:22)

“Lo que pudo ser” (0:50)
“Apertura” (1:00)
“Cierre” (1:05)

In this album you´ll find a work elaborated with lots of feeling. Julio keeps a similar style in every track, so all of them are plenty of lyricism and beauty. Short compositions with a simple style that remind me of “Hergest Ridge” (M.Oldfield), “The snow goose” (Camel) or, more concretely, the albums of Antony Phillips with Carlos Cazenave – “The Meadows of Englewood” could be a good reference in order to label this album. The acoustic guitars and keyboards will make you enjoy with lots of small details in an oniric atmosphere. I´d like to highlight “La reunión”, with marvelous guitar and bass, as well as the delicious “Otoño de soledad” where electric and acoustic guitars are mixed over a web made by synths with a nostalgic aroma that reminds me of some fragments of “Ommadawn”. Another curious track is “Ronda al fin” that brings that delicious album entitled “Antiques” recorded by Anthony Phillips and Enrique Berro García to my mind.


In short a great album released by Viajero Inmóvil that rescues from the past a work that makes you think “this has been waiting to be listened for more than twenty years”. Undoubtedly you won´t be disappointed with this album if you love sympho rock with classic influences.

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Eduardo Aragón - April 2003 -   - Viajero Inmóvil Records