Jacula - In cauda semper stat venenum - 1969/2001


Jon Anderson will never listen this CD!. Although most of people think in the 60´s and 70´s there were only free sex, long sideburns, LSD, etc., and doom, death, etc., were invented in the end of the century, you should listen to this guy named Anthony Bartoccetti (voice, guitar, bass), alma mater of Jacula, one of the cult bands of the 60´s whose recordings have been rescued from the grave by Black Widow Records.


Once I read that the best way of describing Jacula´s music was " like if Tangerine Dream having been condemned to hell". And I agree. Only looking at the cover you will get an idea about the content and not... it is not black, death, or doom metal. It is dark music sustained by some terrifying (and real) church organs masterfully played by Charles Tiring. The rest of the players are Doris Norton (special effects) and Franz Parthenzy (medium!).

The music is tremendously beautiful, tremendously oppressive, tremendously terrifying. There is not place for light or virtuosity, there is only place for fear, for cold church organs, and for some riff here and there ALA Iommi or Black Widow (the band). Anyway, the whole music is guided by the organ and the mistery. Unfortunately the CD is very short (only half an hour), but we have time enough to listen to a couple of mini suites of cold beauty such as the solemn "Magister dixit" (10:30), that grows and grows in tension, instrumentation and intensity; or the incredible "In cauda semper" (10:05), a recited song -in Latin, of course - accompanied by the organ. "Initiatio" (6:48) is a mysterious track with oriental taste and enigmatic female vocals. "Veneficium" (2:21) is more experimental and encircling, with a piano and a surprising structure (we are talking about a song composed in 1969). More or less like the song "Ritus" (4:06). The only Sabbath-like song is the short "Triumphatus sad" (3:34), with keyboards ALA Vincent Crane.


Do you think Devil Doll or Sopor Aeternus do phantasmagoric music?, do you think Anekdoten´s music is oppressive?, do you think White Willow´s music is dark?. This is only for lucid minds and to listen in very lucid moments (don´t play this CD when your girlfriend´s parents will be at home). Did you enjoy with Morte Macabre?, then you should listen to Jacula thinking this music was composed thirty years ago. If you´re interested in Bartoccetti´s career, he released with Jacula, besides this CD, "Tardo pede in magiam versus" (1972); and with his nickname Antonius Rex released "Neque semper arcum tendit rex" (74), "Zora" (77), "Anno Demoni" (79), "Ralefun" (79), and "Praternatural" (80).

If you enjoyed "E tu vivrai nel terrore" or "Symphonic holocaust" this CD must be in your collection.

WARNING: As I suppose that there are readers with religious sensibility, I warn you that Jacula IS a satanic band... and a very satanic one.

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Alfonso Algora - November 2001 -   - Black Widow Records