IZZ - I Move - 2002


They have done it again. The second album of these thinking American heads is again another progressive bomb. Following up with all the basis of their last work "Sliver of a Sun" the IZZ returns carrying something very necessary for the sometimes too much stucked up prog scene.

These guys from New York are able to innovate and reinvent again any kind of musical structure adding and experimenting with all sort of elements and atmospheres than makes their music to become an universal rock.

Influenced by many different styles coming from any musical place, they combine many ideas wherever they come; rock ideas, acoustic, electronic, vocal, instrumental… I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that, according to the big American prog-bands' production, that IZZ is nowadays, the best American progressive band.

The band is formed by the Galgano brothers Tom and John (keyboards, lead vocal and bass, acoustic guitar), Paul Bremner (electric guitar), Brian Coralina (electronic percussion, acoustic percussion and programing), Greg DiMiceli (acoustic drums).


To give you some idea about their music you have to make an effort and imagine how would it sound if King Crimson, Yes, Happy the Man, Rush, Beatles, Camel, White Willow, Steely Dan, got together for a jam session. It is not easy to explain you have to listen to it.

With a better production and a better musical conjunction, better than their first record, this "I Move" becomes a collection of 15 pieces. Compositions that are not very long (we don't have long suites) something that helps to give to it a great colorful and rich mixture of styles.

Each one of the songs are like an endless box of surprises. We find pieces of an explosive mixture of programmed rhythms with infectious Crimson guitar lines like "Spinnin' Round", and compositions with smooth melodies a la Steely Dan that suddenly brakes with a crazy guitar and keys like "I Move". John Galgano has changed his role leaving the lead guitar for the bass introducing spectacular lines in "Weak Little Lad" and "I wanna win" two great songs of Rush flavor that combines with passages of emotive drum and guitar solos. A record that as it goes on it turns more complicated and interesting to the ears of progressive purists. "Star Evil Gnoma Su" is a nice change to the deep prog cavern. Guitars, keyboards and atmospheres coming from the northern European prog with Crimsonian roots, all together with athletic rhythms and surprising changes introducing a keys of profound sound. I don't know if you can imagine what I try to describe.

There are also moments of relaxation with "Another Door" and "Believe", with nice vocal harmonies. "The Mists of Dalriada" and "Coming like light" confirm the great talent and skill of these young artists that many veteran musicians would like to have, building something rich and with progressive mentality using all the elements that history and technology has given to them as a legacy. A CD that, with no doubt, is one of the best productions of the year.


In general terms it confirms what I wrote about them two years ago here in progVisions; a great future of a group that being so young surprises for its mature and spectacular movements.

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Jordi Costa - June 2002 -   - Donne Records