Inside The Sound - Wizard's Eye - 2017



“... progressive jazz fusion with dazzling guitar work ...”


Inside The Sound is an instrumental project from Ukraine, formed in the middle of the 2000's by Max Velychko and Dmitry Trifonov. In those days it was a side project and these guys recorded a lot of material that was influenced by jazz fusion and progressive rock music. In 2007 they formed a band and in the year 2010 they released a first album entitled “Time Z”. The new album is called “Wizard‘s Eyes” and includes also some of that older material that was especially re-arranged for this CD. So this album is a journey of several years for the band. In the liner notes you find the name of Anthony Kalugin (Karfagen, Sunchild) as one of the special guests.


Max Velychko - all guitars, keyboards, 6-string banjo on Haribol; Alexander Yermolovich - drums (1,3,5,9); Dmitry Trifonov - bass; Dmitry Polevoy - drums (2,4,6,7,8)

Antony Kalugin - additional keys and synth solo on Friends; Nila Gopal - tabla (5,7); Daniel Ilyin - electric violin solo on Friends; Indranila - acoustic sitar, voice, Vedic chanting on Haribol


On “Wizard‘s Eyes” you will find the following tracks; “Intro: A Secret Journey”, “Dreaming Deja Vu”, “Fantasia”, “Friends”, “Empire V”, “Haribol”, “Horizon”, “Wizard's Eyes”, “To The Sky”, “Outro” and the bonus track “The Cold Spring.

“A Secret Journey” has a wonderful and mysterious intro with tasteful keys. After this it develops into an uptempo jazz fusion track with unbelievable guitar acrobatics and delicious synth solo’s. After this great opener “Dreaming Deja Vu” is especially in the guitar department more influenced by progressive metal. But those hectic guitar moments are combined with tasteful keyboard parts. The tasteful keyboard melodies reminded me of the Japanese band Kenso. Then the band slows down with the beautiful “Fantasia”. In this track you find besides the high speed guitar acrobatics also delicious guitar and keyboard melodies and a very nice bass line. The guitar playing and effects in “Friends” are influenced by master Al Di Meola. The guitar playing is excellent but this counts for the whole album. And the music has also the needed diversity. In this track you hear a synth solo of Anthony Kalugin and Daniel Ilyin plays the electric violin solo. And in the following track “Empire V” you will hear the tabla of Nila Gopal. Guitar players will love this track ... There is so much going on! Max Velychko is showing his dazzling technique here. On “Haribol”, one of those older compositions, you can here the acoustic sitar of guest Indranila. This song ends with a lovely melodies guitar solo. The next track “Horizon” with it's beautiful soaring guitar melodies and nice synth solo is a welcome rest point. Then it is time for the title track “Wizard’s Eyes” ... and as you already guessed ... there is more up-tempo ... jazz fusion with dazzling guitar work. The keyboard orchestrations on this album are also great. The keyboard parts are bringing some rest points to the music. As listener we need this, otherwise it would be very hectic and maybe too much. Luckily the opening of the next track “To The Sky” is more relaxed and melodious. But also this piece is a showcase of amazing guitar playing. Because of it's diversity this song develops into one of my favorite tracks of this album. After the short synth based “Outro” the album closes with the bonus track “The Cold Spring”. This is also one of those early pieces. A relaxed piece of music with nice melodic guitar parts.


This second album “Wizard’s Eyes” of the Ukrainian band Inside The Sound can be a little bit overwhelming. You find progressive jazz fusion with dazzling guitar work on this album. Max Velychko impressed me with his skillful guitar and keyboard playing. On the guitar he is technically very skilled. The keyboard parts and the other instruments played by the several guests musicians are bringing the so needed diversity to this album. All this on top of a fine rhythm section. If you like some jazz fusion besides your prog ... check this out!

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