Isproject - The Archinauts - 2017



“... be an Archinaut, every day of your life ...”


“The Archinauts” of Isproject is another fine release on the Italian AMS Records label and provided to progVisions by the Synpress 44 agency. Isproject is the project of Ivan Santovito and Ilena Salvemini. They are presented as a post-progressive rock duo. The music on this album was composed by Ivan Santovito during the period 2013-2015 and was recorded in late 2016. The visionary lyrics are inspired by Nicola Boccadoro’s “Ho venduto la More all’amore”. The album was produced by AMS Records directed by Fabio Zuffanti.


Ivan Santovito - vocals; Ilena Salvemini -vocals; Giovanni Pastorino - keyboards and programming; Simone Amodeo - guitars; Andrea Bottaro - bass guitar; Paolo Tixi - drums

Special guest: Martin Grice - flutes and saxophones


Both members of this contemporary progressive rock duo are responsible for the vocals. The music of Ivan Santovito is played by the members of the Z-Band. The band of producer Fabio Zuffanti. Special guest is flute player Martin Grice (ex Delirium). Under the supervision of Fabio Zuffanti all the musicians have contributed to create the music you will find on this fine album.

On the album you can find the following seven compositions; “Overture”, “The Architect”, “Mangialuce”, “The City and the Sky”, “Lovers In The Dream”, “The Mountain Of Hope” and “Between The Light And The Stone”.

The album opens with the track “Overture”, that has a beautiful opening with a nice orchestration. But then for a moment the electric guitar transforms the music in pure progressive rock. The music switches between fairy-tale like pop tunes and overwhelming progressive rock. Great opener! Also in title track “The Archinauts” you can find those Progressive Rock elements. But those moments with lush and broad Mellotron carpets are combined with Rock parts and melodic vocal parts. You can feel that Ivan must be interested in Progressive Rock music. But the music is much more than that, it has no boundaries. Well in fact the true meaning of progressive rock is also thinking out of the box and music without boundaries. So it all make sense, and I know for sure that this kind of music will attract to the lovers of progressive rock.

The next track is called “Mangialuce”. The song has some electro-pop influences but on the other hand broad keyboard orchestrations, delicate piano parts, melodic vocals and electric guitars are combined to a fine melting pot of influences. Also in the next track “The City And The Sky” you find broad Mellotron strings next to fresh melodic synth parts. You can find some lovely melodies in this track. For me it is one of the highlights of this album.

“Lovers In The Dream” has a beautiful opening with delicate sung vocals. Again lovely vocal melodies, nice acoustic guitar and piano parts. But also Mellotron, flute and a electric guitar solo. With that electric guitar solo the tension of the music is building up towards a kind of climax. A beautiful sung song. Another little gem is “The Mounting Of Hope” which opens with a delicate classical piano part. Halfway this beautiful sung song the Mellotron and a melodic synth are kicking in. In the end you can enjoy a lovely and melodic synth solo. Surprisingly this song has an abrupt halt.

The next highlight of this fine album is the last song “Between The Light And The Stone”. It is a diverse piece of music with a duration of more than 14 minutes. I love the beautiful vocals (male and female), the fine bass line and the flute and saxophone work of guest Martin Grice. I would also like to mention keyboard player Giovanni Pastorino who does a wonderful job here, but this counts for the whole album.


“The Archinauts”, the debut album of the Isproject is an album with fresh and modern sounding music with a Progressive Rock flavor. Probably this is extra emphasized by the fine musicians of the Z-band. I am sure that this album will attract the lovers of RPI and progressive rock in general. It is an album with beautiful sung vocals and lovely melodies. Is this the future of Progressive Rock? Well you decide ... I have at least enjoyed listening to this album very much.

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