Isgaard - Whiteout - 2016



“... a beautiful album full of delicate sung vocals and atmospheres ...”


Isgaard is a German female singer who discovered the work of Kate Bush in the early 80's and was also interested in musical. In the year 1995 she decided to study classical singing. In 2000 she met producer, composer and musician Jens Lueck with whom she made in the year 2003 her debut album “Golden Key”. Jens is the connection to the world of progressive rock. Jens worked in his Art Of Music studio with the German band Sylvan. I know that I have your attention now, but I want to emphasize that this 7th Isgaard album “Whiteout” is not an album full of symphonic or progressive rock. Their music is a melting pot of pop, new age and world music. Isgaard has a bright, clear and angelic voice. And you can still find those early influences of Kate Bush in her music.


Isgaard - lead- & backing vocals; Jens Lueck - drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals, programming

Ingo Salzmann - electric guitars; Dieter Koch - acoustic guitars; Joachim Schluter - slide guitar; Ekiss - bass; Katja Flintsch - violin, viola; Annika Stolze - violoncello; Volker Kuinke - recorders


As mentioned before “Whiteout” is the sixth Isgaard album. You can find the following tracks on this album: “Prologue”, “No Man's Land”, “Shine On”, “You Didn't Fall”, “Silent Stranger”, “Tikdabra”, “ Silva”, “Fly Away”, “Into The Great Wide Open”, “Whiteout part 1: The Book”, “Whiteout part 2: Shifting World”, “Whiteout part 3: Whiteout”, “Shine On (reprise)”

It has no sense to review this album on a track to track basis because it is a consistent album that is in balance. The beautiful voice of Isgaard is the star of this wonderful album. You don't find hectic musical passages on this album. The music is delicately surrounding that beautiful voice. You can find some great vocal melodies on this album. One of my favorites of the first part of the album is a song called “Tikdabra”. Halfway the track the vocals change into a kind of Arabic chanting. Together with the full strings that were accomplished by overdub recordings this piece stands out for me. They managed to develop a beautiful atmosphere here.

The last section of the album exists out of the beautiful and delicately sung “Into The Great Wide Open” and “Whiteout” a suite which is divided into the parts “The Book”, “Shifting World” and “Whiteout”. The “Whiteout” suite is for me the highlight of this album. The beautiful melodic violin parts in “The Book” give the piece a classical atmosphere. Towards the end the tension of the music is building up towards a kind of climax. In “Shifting World” you can find some Arabic influences next to the vocal harmonies and great orchestration. The title track “Whiteout” has beautiful violin melodies and delicate sung vocals. If you listen to the orchestration parts in this song you will maybe think for the first time of that Sylvan connection of Jens Lueck. The album comes to an end with the short and atmospheric “Shine On (reprise)”.


“Whiteout” the 7th album of Isgaard is a beautiful album full of delicate sung vocals and atmospheres that are influenced by classical, new age and world music. The bright and clear voice of Isgaard sometimes reminds me of the work of Kate Bush. You can find beautiful melodies and great orchestrations on this album. As said before it is not a progressive album but progressive also means that you are an open minded listener. Just check it out.

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