IQ - Ever (2018 Remix - 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) - 2018


“... definitive 3 disc edition ...”


Well this “25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” is something special. The Giant Electric Pea label just released the 2018 Remix of the classic IQ album “Ever”. This album saw the return of Peter Nichols in the early nineties. I remember those exciting days very well. With the return of Peter Nichols a personal wish came true and the band returned to their progressive rock roots. This is the definitive 3 disc edition of the album with a 2018 remix by Mike Holmes. And there is much more to discover ...


Paul Cook - drums; Michael Holmes - guitars; John Jowitt - bass, Moog Taurus bass pedals, backing vocals; Peter Nichols - vocals, backing vocals; Martin Orford - keyboards, flute, backing vocals

Neal Durant - recreation of missing keyboard parts (see review)


“Ever” was and still is a classic progressive rock album without weak points. A must for everyone who enjoys Symphonic and Progressive Rock music. So most of you will have a copy of this brilliant album, no need to describe wonderful tracks like “The Darkest Hour”, “Fading Senses”, “Out Of Nowhere”, “Further Away”, “Leap Of Faith”, “Came Down” and “Lost In Paradise”. For you it is more interesting to know what you can find on these three discs and how it sounds.

On disc one you can find the new 2018 Remix of “Ever” that was done by Mike Holmes. This sounds more easy than it was. The first task was to bake the original 24 track master tapes. Old analogue tape degrades over time. After this “bake” process the tapes only remains playable for around 30 days, so it is important to transfer the audio from the tape to digital files as soon as possible. The most obvious problem the band had was the keyboards. 1992 was a mixture of analogue and digital technology. As a result of the limitations of a 24 track analogue tape, a fair amount of the keyboards had to run live via MIDI. This meant that they weren’t actually captured on tape. Here is were the current keyboard player Neil Durant came in. Luckily he owned some of the original keyboards that were used on the album. He was able to recreate the MIDI notes from listening to the CD. In this way he managed to recreate the sounds faithfully. When you listen to the new mix you will be surprised, it sounds the same but then with more detail.  It sounds fresh and transparent. Wonderful  job by Mike and Neil ... stunning.

On disc two you can find a recent live performance of the album. It was recorded live at the Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg in Germany on 10 February 2018. Fans of the band will be happy with this second disc. IQ performing live is always a feast ... a great musical party with musical craftsmanship.

Disc three is for the real fans, the collectors and the lovers of high end audio like myself. Another personal dream is coming true, IQ in Surround Sound. Besides the Ever 2018 Remix in 5.1 Surround Sound you can find also a 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the live performance in Aschaffenburg. The Surround Sound Mixes are pure bliss. Only for these mixes I would buy this package. But that is not all, the DVD is packed with collectors items like Album Demos, Studio Outtakes, Unused Ideas and Rehearsals. Over two hours of further listening. All in all disc three contains nearly four hours of music.


This special edition is housed in a beautiful eight panel digipak which includes a 40 page booklet with lots of contemporary photos, stories and memories from the time and features contributions from all the band members of 1992. This special release is a must buy for every IQ fan and is highly recommended by progVisions to everyone who has a special place in their hearts for Symphonic and/or Progressive Rock. The classic IQ album “Ever” has now it’s definitive edition.

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