Íon - Immaculada - 2010



Duncan Patterson:
“Immaculada” was written in a period I was travelling back and forth between Ireland and Greece. The album documents personal experiences of that time, set to introspective and reflective ballads.


“Immaculada” is the second album of Íon (Gaelic word for 'pure'), a project of Duncan Patterson (Antimatter). It is the successor of the wonderful album “Madre, Protégenos” which I described four years ago as an album with an introspective ambiance and full of passion and nostalgia.

Equilibrium Music presents the new album in this way;
Hypnotic and alluring, the album balances both the freshness of Irish landscapes and the warmth of Mediterranean sunbathed seashores, as its haunting Celtic vibe thrives and builds upon tribal rhythmic patterns. Much like its predecessor, the straightforward and minimalistic overall tone of the album is misleading, as its layered complexity and resonant harmonies reveal themselves at each listen, one mystery at a time, and one step closer to the end of this spiritual quest.


Duncan Patterson - mandolins, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, percussion

Vic Anselmo - vocals; Oana Alexandra Coman-Sipeanu - spoken word; Gokce Coskun - violin; Aoife Cuthbert - vocals; Lisa Cuthbert - vocals; Ana Figueiredo - flute; Colin Fromont-Placenti - djembe, cajón, darbuka; Mark Kelson - vocals, 12 string guitar; Mila Maia - spoken word; Steve Mullen - Uileann pipes; Veronica Neumann - spoken word; Gina Rios - spoken word and vocals; Nuno Roberto - Portuguese guitar, classical guitar; Viola Roccagli - spoken word and vocals; Laura Santos - vocals; Filipa Vale - violin, cello


The delicate voices of Veronica Neumann and Gina Rios are opening the mysterious and atmospheric title track of “Immaculada”. Whispering spoken words, delicate vocals and a beautiful melody on violin give extra color to this beautiful opener. “Temptation” has more temperament and is full of rhythmic patterns. It has Mediterranean and Eastern atmospheres. The mandolin is playing an important role in this, and the following tracks. “Adoration” has beautiful melodies on flute and the voices of Aoife Cuthbert and Lisa Cuthbert together with the Uileann pipes (Steve Mullen) give the ballad an Irish (Celtic) touch. The next track “Damhsa na Gceithre Ghaoth” has nice flute melodies on top of a bed of mysterious bass lines and percussion patterns. The beautiful voice of Lisa Cuthbert, who sings on five tracks of this wonderful album, can be heard again in “Invidia”. The mandolin, guitars and the percussion provide the rhythm, the voice and the delicate keyboard orchestrations provide the melody of this track. Then follows the longest track of the album “Cetatea Cisnadioara” (10:06). For me this is one of the highlights of the album. Delicate atmospheres, the beautiful vocal line with the voice of Lisa Cuthbert, the ambient character of the piano. This is a beautiful atmospheric track with a minimalistic tone. “The Silent Stars” is sung by Viola Roccagli. It has breathtaking melodies and is maybe the most beautiful track of the album. I want to mention Ana Figueiredo who plays the beautiful and relaxed flute melodies. In the closing track of the album “Return to Spirit” you can hear Mila Maia (spoken words) and Laura Santos (vocals). Like the opener (“Immaculada”) this slow track has a mysterious atmosphere.


On this album Duncan Patterson is accompanied by a bunch of talented musicians. “Immaculada” is an album with a relaxed atmosphere. The album is a collection of slow ballads. Slow and mysterious ballads, beautifully crafted by the voices of the singers and the carefully chosen instrumentation. The music is a mix of warm Mediterranean atmospheres and spiritual Celtic vibes. “Immaculada” is a wonderful album of pure beauty.

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Douwe Fledderus - October 2010 -   - Equilibrium Music