Indukti - S.U.S.A.R. - 2004

“We promise we wouldn't lose this time
But we both know we can fail
Afraid to tread the swaying bridge of lies
We can Die ...”

[excerpt lyrics: cold inside ... I]


“The music that is created by Indukti hypnotizes, paralyzes, does not let the listener get away from it, it entrances him. The pieces are long, well-structured and arranged skillfully. There are plenty of sounds generated by the variety of effects and forms of articulation all enriched by splendid expression and performance mastery. The overwhelming guitar sound, celestial rhythms, psychedelic violin…it all makes the listeners drawn into the magic musical world, makes them move around peculiar spaces within the maze of restless rhythms and imminent dusk.” – these words expressed by the band’s fans summarize the music of Indukti.


Ewa Jablońska - violin; Piotr Kocimski - guitars; Maciej Jaśkiewicz - guitars; Maciek Adamczyk - bass; Wawrzyniec Dramowicz - drums
guests: Mariusz Duda - vocals; Anna Faber - harp


“S.U.S.A.R.” is the debut album of the Polish band Indukti. For this review the original version has been used. The band released “S.U.S.A.R.” in Poland on the OFF Music label in September 2004. The good news is that this month The laser's Edge will release a new world edition (with a bonus video track of “Mantra”) of “S.U.S.A.R.” This also happened with the album “Out of myself” from the Polish band Riverside. There is a link between both bands. Mariusz Duda the singer of Riverside is guest on this album. Musically spoken both bands have an incredible power in their music. I did see Riverside live on stage and they just blow you away with their energy. That same feeling I had when I listened the first time to Indukti. The band recorded all instruments simultaneously in the studio to preserve the live vibe.

The second guest Anna Faber opens the album with her delicate harp sounds the track “freder”. Then the bass and the electric violin are giving a brooding atmosphere just before the whole band comes rolling in with incredible power. The band is working towards an incredible climax. Ewa Jablońska shines with her violin in this track that I would describe like a heavy mix of UK and King Crimson. Next track is called “cold inside ... I” in which Mariusz Duda proofs again (like he did on Riverside's album) that he is a great singer. The piece is more a atmospheric ballad with great melodic vocal lines. The connection to the next track “no. 11812” is made by the harp. The contrast between the delicate harp and the heavy character of Indukti's music is working very well. The first part has a lot of King Crimson (my favorite 1973 - 1974 period) influences. This develop into the heavy side of Indukti's own identity. You will be blown away by this piece ... the best King Crimson with a Eddie Jobson like violin solo in the end. After all this overwhelming power “shade” is giving you a little rest with the melodic vocal lines of Mariusz Duda and the arabic influences in the percussion and violin parts. But not for long ... the heavy guitars push the band again to the next climax. Maybe “uluru” can give us a little rest ... just forget it ... you are just in the middle of a heavy and aggressive mind blowing musical trip. The band hypnotizes the listener! And I must admit that I love it. Especially the 'screaming' electric violin. After some soundscapes and harp sounds the next track “no. 11811” opens with melodic violin parts that are put ontop of nice rhythm guitars. This first part remembers me of the work of the Japanese band Outer Limits. The melodic violin of Takashi Kawaguchi also sounded often romantic. But in the heavy second part the violin sounds more like the violin of David Cross (King Crimson) or Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra). This amazing album ends with the track “... and weak II”. Again an up-tempo mind blowing heavy piece with aggressive guitars and violin solos. The only band I didn't mentioned so far for using as a reference is the early Anekdoten. This closing track ends with distorted guitar and violin sounds before the harp closes this album. When you have listened to this album you will, like me, be exhausted.


Listening to “S.U.S.A.R.” the debut album of Polish band Indukti is an overwhelming experience. You can hear that some of the musicians of Indukti have a classical background. The music is complex with abrupt rhythm breaks and the tension of the compositions is often working towards a climax. The contrast with the delicate harp and the melodic vocal parts are very welcome. It is almost too much, too hectic. But if you like passionate heavy prog with the electric violin as a solo instrument, this is your album. I feel completely blown away by this band.

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Douwe Fledderus - September 2005  -   - OFF Music