Inside Limits - Inside Limits - 1999


Inside Limits is a band from Valencia (Spain) formed by Hugo Iglesias (guitars, voice), Kiko Blasco (guitars), Nacho Sánchez (keyboards and piano), Borja Blasco (bass), Dani Iglesias (drums). Reading the bio I am surprised by the age of the band since the most veteran member is just 22 years old. I am also surprised of their musical background, in spite of their youth, they have participated in different bands and learned from good teachers, as Joey Tafolla or Steve Morse. Apparently the band believes that its music can enter quite well in the Anglo-Saxon markets as in the booklet there is not a single word in Spanish... will they be able to make it?.

Let us see...


Technical capacity. Enough; The attitude of the band when confronting rhythm changes or entering in instrumental developments, is undeniable. The technique of the components of the band overcomes that of many of the famous Spanish bands standing out the guitarist especially, undoubtedly with those teachers...

Composition capacity. They try to enter in totally progressive lands structuring the topics in a "song-oriented" structure but leaving enough holes to show certain experiments that can give their fruit in ulterior works. Inside the album we can find certainly memorable moments. The intro of guitars "Secrets", the instrumental part of "Making memories" with a phenomenal work of keyboards and approaches to funk-rock thanks to the frantic activity of bass and drums; the beautiful intro of "Moonlight", a song based on forms of the first Aor (the Aor of quality that has been made: Boston for example) and that has an exquisite development towards the end with guitars and keyboards. In the same way there are also interesting arabesques ones and hundred of time changes in "Heaven is close to earth" (the best song in the disk); the Rushian "Tear up my soul"; or the beautiful acoustic ballad (with pyrotechnic solo included) "Two years", ideal to listen in the darkness.


Technical capacity. They should introduce a vocalist with more nuances and with more versatility of registrations. Hugo's voice is too linear and that makes the vocal moments of certain songs too much similar to each other.

Composition capacity. Inside Limits's music move in a dangerous nobody’s land. Progressive metal? not so much. Elaborated Hard Aor?, Yes, but more "progressist”. When the band begins to sound as Journey is there a rhythm change like Rush that introduces us in a part a la Savatage. In fact the biggest drawback is that I have been able to notice the sound of "Holding out for a hero" of Bonnie Tyler in "Mindstorm". All these details are not negative by themselves, but they can mislead the potential buyers.

That is to say that...

Inside Limits is a band that is located in a crossroad. I believe that the best thing for them would be not to stay there too much time or, in any event, to decant more directly toward a style and to incorporate elements of others but not wanting to make a too bizarre mixture. Nevertheless I believe that, filing some shades (among them that of the singer), their dream of becoming an international band can be completed since in places like Japan they adore this type of bands. The real positive thing is that they alone have the answer.


By the way, I never value the "artworks" (I remind you that this it is an E-zine of progressive rock, not a design magazine), but the cover is literally the same than that of "The shape of rain" of Mickey Simmonds. My last advice: change it since you could have problems and induce to confusion.

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