Indisciplined Lucy - About the black eyed girl - 1999


Well. I put the CD in my audio system. After a murmur and the touch of a baton asking for silence, a beautiful slow vocal melody begins, conveniently wrapped up by some delicious cellos, violins and pianos. What does this remind me to? After some efforts it comes to my mind, "The man who sold the world" by David Bowie. When I have reached this conclusion, the music has already changed and a delicious Arabic movement comes where the violins take the protagonist role. And they don't stop being present. The voice returns, this time tremendously dramatic and original, to finish suddenly in an orgy of crimsonian sounds and decibel madness that finishes with a beautiful piano.


What have I just listened to?, No more, no less than "Theatre" (6:29), the first song of "About the black eyed girl", a concept CD conceived by Indisciplined Lucy, a group of seven boys of Uppsala that have impressed me by their originality and quality. The musicians are Pelle Lindroth (voice, guitars), Mikael Eriksson (guitars), Jakob Luttinger (bass), Arvid Nerdal (keyboards), Elías Anoints (percussion), Gunnar Östman (violin) and Lisa Fagius (cello).

The CD is complete of principle to end. It is not boring in any moment. Inside the almost 62 minutes of work we can listen to all kind of Crimson blinks ("Lucylove"), extraordinary cello and violin interventions that remind me from the cold and melancholic music of the Nordic lands, and plenty, plenty of debts to the classic music of the beginning of the century, a fact that can be of interest for the lovers of the most Gothic sounds in bands like Sirrah, Angizia or Tearful, only without concessions to hard and unconscious guitar bursts. To finish rounding the work, it is necessary to make special mention to the original voice of Pelle, a stranger cross between David Bowie -in the vocal inflections - and Peter Gabriel -for the drama-.

The music contained in the 12 pieces is complicated, dense, beautiful and suggestive. Easy to listen for the neophyte progheads, but with all the necessary ingredients so that the proghead with many years of experience can enjoy at all moment. Tracks such as "Miracle" (6:53), "Lucy enters the sunmachine" (4:12), the impressive "Malenka" (8:09) and the tremendous "Epilogue" (5:23) just only corroborate the extreme quality of the band, whose musicians are tremendously exquisite and original in the arrangements. The CD also includes a bonus track "Resistance" that doesn't have anything to do with the concept and that is a condensation of all the capacity of the band in little more than four minutes. Yes, it is the most commercial song in the whole album, but still with infinite musical shades.


Con... Lot of tension, lot of power (no hard rock at all, this is pure power), lot of lyricism and, mainly, lot of originality. I could extend into further praise, but the good, if brief, is twice good (as we say in Spain). Fortunately Indisciplined Lucy is one of those bands that one has to discover himself. Another more proof that progressive rock has a brilliant future. ...clusion

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