Hysteriofunk - Random - 1997


I think there are many fans that, as the time goes by, are looking at the prog-rock not as the same typical musical structure of the first part of the seventies but finding new elements and interesting things to some other kind of musical behaviour. To be progressive is to have a breaking-rule attitude and that’s something that brings out some kind of unknown and interesting evolution to its creator, musicians who know where they are when they start but who loose their way consciously to seek other ways to creation.


This is the case of this band from Andorra called Hysteriofunk, a group formed by: Lluis Carles (drums), Oriol Vilella (guitar), Roger Casamajor (keys), Oscar Llaurador (bass) and Cesc Villarubias (percussion). A band that was created as a funky group but turned to be progressive, because of their will to do something different and new, something that could really innovate. With that freshness and good vibrations they have connected with the progressive fans with a surprising progressive rock style.

Their work are great improvisational exercises with the fusion of many elements that reminds a lot the musical structures of King Crimson from the eighties but with many other influences such us: Soft Machine, Jamiroquai, Kraftwerk, Brand X, Chemical Brothers, Gong, Orbital, Magma, etc., etc. The whole record is instrumental so every instrument shines brightly in a perfect assemble.

Their first album, “Random”, shows right from the beginning the ingredients of a master piece:
Free Jazz and funky rhythms mixed with dynamic developments, a very clever and restless percussion not only with the drum machine but also with the bongos, fast keys and a guitar that uses its more classic movements introducing parts of electronic passages, all this making an amusing blend of music and humor.

The album is about seventy minutes long containing thirteen pieces, some of them of long timing and complicated meaning just like “Orgasmatron” 6.30, “Hysteriofunk” 7.35, “Zoocherstraat” 7.37 and “Sujétame los ojos” 6.14; some experimental ones such us “Northern lights” 4.41 & “Ring Rótterdam” 4.00; and the rest is a sheer combination of all we’ve been talking and more that you should listen to; “Roger Song” 4.56, “Xtra Ball” 3.37, “Venlo” 4.22, “Mormon” 4.44, “Je Suis la Merde” 4.13, “Oriol Song” 4.31 & “Tócame” 4.26, also making a quite personal re-make of a Soft Machine song called “Hazard Profile”.


To sum up we have to say that this was a stunning first album of a band that we’ll be surely keeping track on and waiting from now to hear their new material. This is a perfect album for people who think that every has been invented in prog-rock and to the ones who think about instrumental music as a boring thing.

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