Hostsonaten - Springsong - 2002


Only looking at the wonderful digipack, made with delicate cardboard and containing ten beautiful cards with illustrations of Borso D´Este´s Bible, I have already thought -before playing the CD- this album was going to be something nice and special.

And I was right. I´m not a person who cries listening to music, but with the first track of this CD, the marvelous "In the open fields" (4:57), I remembered my childhood, when the village where I live was a nice place plenty of meadows, cows and children playing and running. I also remembered an ex girlfriend who will never read these lines. We used to look at the moon sitting on a rock while we had some beers and laughed.


I don´t know why but while I´m listening the music of "Springsong" I prefer talking to you about my adolescence. But I suppose you´re thinking: "Oh, shut up, shitty reviewer and let me know about the CD".

OK, OK, let´s go then... Fabio Zuffanti (ex Finisterre), after his success with "Merlin" release, a CD inspired by the intimate relationship between Man and Nature. Fabio (acoustic guitars and bass) is accompanied by lots of musicians (mellotrons, saxs, percussion, whistles, flutes, violins, moogs) and... begins "Kemper/Springstheme" (5:36), the same melody of the first track but wrapped by drums and a nice mellotron, with a Irish interlude with delicate whistles and flutes, and a grand finale with a violin and a melodic electric guitar a la Latimer/Phillips. The following song is "Living stone and 1st reprise" (3:30) and I remember the autumn dawns in Galicia when the morning mist soaks the clothes and heart. "She sat writing letters on the riverbank" (3:47) is a simple, almost infantile, melody with piano and a tearful violin (bravissimo Sergio Caputo). "The underwater and 2nd reprise" (3:28) is a up-tempo jazzy track with robust percussion and an impressive soprano sax. The guitar solo, delicate, refined, calms the chaotic ambient down and goes towards a symphonic climax. "Lowtide" (3:20) is a track full of mystery with languid violins and whispering whistles. Strange and attractive as a Siren´s call. Then comes "The wood is alive with the smell of the rain" (4:20) and I have no words, simply the title says it all. Texts or vocals are unnecessary. This is the magic of music. "Evocation of Spring in a fastdance" (2:40) is a short and festive track. Caputo plays violin, derbouka and ziff and Boris Valle shows his skill with the piano. The last song is "Towards the sea", thirteen minutes divided in three parts: the first one -"Blackmountains"- is the most progressive of all and you can notice a (slight) flavor of the early Genesis; the second part "3rd reprise" contains a great guitar solo by Stefano Marelli before the lyric ending of "Springland".


I consider myself as an open minded guy. I like lots of styles but thanks to CD's like this I love progressive rock with all my heart. Truly, gift yourselves this CD, go to the mountains with your dog and the discman, look at the nightfall, return home and drink a cup of your most expensive wine while you listen to this masterpiece. Then you´ll understand why this CD is magic. Since I have to give you some references I´ll only tell you three (distant) references: Alan Stivell, Camel´s "Harbour of tears", and Anthony Phillips´ "The geese and the ghost". But this CD has its own life.

Thanks Fabio, your music made me happy and while I listen to "Springsong" I return to my seventeen's and hundred of laughs and tears make me feel I´m still alive.

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Alfonso Algora - April 2002 -   - Sublime Label