Hipgnosis - Relusion - 2011



“ Isn't enough that the garden is beautiful?
Must there live fairies? ”
inspired by Richard Dawkins - “The God Delusion”
( Hipgnosis website: www.hipgnosis.pl )


The Polish band Hipgnosis was founded in Krakow in 2004. The name is a connection of words with many meanings and references. The musicians collaborated earlier with several Krakow's groups, but Hipgnosis is for them the starting point and a new birth, so their musical past is not important for this project. In the year 2006 the band released their debut album entitled “Sky Is The Limit” and in 2007 the live album “Still Ummadelling” was released. Last year (2011) the band did some gigs together with the Belgian space rockers of Quantum Fantay. The new record “Relusion” contains 72 minutes of music, divided into only 6 pieces of music. And also noteworthy; the album is packed in a beautiful digi-pack with amazing artwork of Tomasz Setowski.


SeQ - drums, percussion, synthesizers; KuL - lead vocals; PiTu - bass, vocals; ThuG - synthesizers; Ujon - sampler, synthesizers, piano & prepared piano; Prince Olo - guitars

Guest Musician:
Marcin Kruczek (Nemezis) - guitar solos on “Relusion” (1st) and “Large Hadron Collider”


“Relusion” contains 72 minutes of music, divided into only 6 tracks. The music is original, progressive and has influences of space rock and electronic music. The great opener “Cold” (19:04) has beautiful broad and full carpets of synths. The opening is mysterious and has some influences of Tangerine Dream but when KuL is singing her first vocal parts the music is up tempo, modern and has even some pop influences. In other words the music, a nightmare for a reviewer, is highly original and can't be compared with any progressive band. In he next track “Cult Of Cargo” (10:05) the delicate and beautiful vocal lines of KuL are sometimes abruptly interrupted by a heavy metal guitar riffs. But most of the time the instrumental parts are colored with varied synth sounds. This piece and the next one are showing the possibilities and potential of KuL's beautiful voice. “Dr What” (6:24) opens with a beautiful slow synth part. This track has beautiful vocal and synth melodies. It shows the electronic side of Hipgnosis. The synth solos are exciting. The relaxed track “The Garden” (5:08) is full of beautiful piano and synth melodies. Once more Hipgnosis is showing their diversity. The synth solo played by ThuG in the end is wonderful. The track integrates seemliness into the beautiful title track “Relusion” (8:57). The first melodic guitar solo is played by special guest Marcin Kruczek (Nemezis). The orchestral synth lines and the delicate vocal lines form one whole. The second epic and last song of the album is called “Large Hadron Collider” (22:20). All instruments (keyboards, synths and drums) of this electronic composition are played by SeQ except the guitar solo in the end that is played by special guest Marcin Kruczek. The first part of this composition could be described as an electronic and ambient soundtrack. The middle section is influenced by trance and the music is slowly developing into a piece of space rock with synth solos and guitar solo in the end.


Hipgnosis second studio album “Relusion” is a very good album that includes an original mix of art-rock, electronic, ambient, psychedelic and progressive rock. With three members who are playing synths the music is in overall keyboard dominated. So if you like prog and electronic music you have to try this album. Furthermore the band has with KuL a good vocalist with a beautiful voice. With only six tracks the 72 minutes “Relusion” album has the needed diversity. The band is developing an unique musical style. The only references I could give you are; a touch of Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and the also Polish band SBB. I'm very curious how the music of Hipgnosis will develop.

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Douwe Fledderus - November 2012 -   - Independent Release / Fantom Media