Heju - Elvesztett utak [Lost ways] - 2002


Enter a random music store and randomly select a CD form the tray with the genre “synthesizer music” (best is that it contains the word “greatest” in the title). Play this CD at home and chances are high that the music you hear, very much resembles that on the album “Lost ways” (“Elvesztett utak”) from the Hungarian musician Heju (Tibor Hell) who is responsible for all keyboards and programming.


This is neither progressive nor symphonic rock, but just simple electronic music. According to the cd-inlay “that pure electronic music was treated by using symphonic elements to suit the modern trend. These elements aren’t based on the currently used popular romantic tunes, but they follow the Baroque masters’ musical devices. This means that not symphonic, but Baroque chamber orchestration prevails. This way did this basicly electronic rock music became something special and new”. Well, although I tried hard, I couldn’t find anything new or special in the music on this album. As you can conclude from the introduction of this review I’ve heard it all before, more than once. Therefore I consider this a weak album, especially from a viewpoint of originality; weak compositions, weak melodies, weak sounds, weak arrangements and oldfashioned percussion.

The “Baroque treatment” is hard to find. The most obvious traces can be found in track 2, “The Darkest Night” (5:50) and some small traces in 3 or 4 other tracks. “Being with you” (6:05) features some fuzz guitar licks played by Zoltan Nagy (from the Hungarian band Mindflowers) and therefore reminds of the music of Gandalf. In sharp contrast with this almost interesting piece track 8, “Daydream” (3.51), as you might deduct from the title, could well be taken from “Greatest romantic piano melodies played by Richard Clayderman”. Most percussion sounds and sequences are very boring, only on the four tracks were Laszlo Popovics) takes care of the (real) percussion, such as the aforementioned “Being with you”, things sound acceptable. Another track that shows some interesting tension is “Stars are waiting” (3:15) with Ash Ra like sequences.


In short: simple electronic music with overworked sequences, sounds, percussion and melodies. Only to be used as muzak.

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Wim Verweij - January 2004 -   - Periferic Records