Hasse Bruniusson - Flying food circus - 2002


The Flower Kings environment is offering lately a neverending musical orgy. Tomas Bodin’s magnificent“Pinup Guru”, The Flower Kings masterpiece “Unfold the Future”, Jonas Reingold’s “Karmakanic” and now, this Hasse Bruniusson’s “Flying food circus”, percussion virtuoso and great joker.


Well surrounded by a crew of great musicians (Roine Stolt, the excellent Mats Öberg on keyboards, Hâkan Alkmvist on sitar..), Bruniusson offers an excellent collection of songs that embrace an infinity of styles: symphonic rock, scandinavian folk, free jazz, circus music, hindu sounds.., everything merged with a, for me, unmissable element: sense of humor. This is a very rich and interesting record, but, first of all, is funny; is what Monty Python would do if they were a prog band, fusing musical prowess with irreverence.

The whole record is very enjoyable, thanks to Bruniusson’s percussive work and the excellent musical background that the other musicians provide, offering 59 minutes of delicious music, from the proggy “The Man With No Qualities” or the folky “The Nord Reel”, through the zappesque jazz in “A Clown’s Opinion”, and the comical “The Instrument For a Good Dressage” and “A Belated Prologue”.

Cowbells, whistles, distorted organs, tiny voices... surround the record, as if it was an old circus or an amusement park, giving “Flying Food Circus” a very fresh taste.


If you like the freaky and instrumental The Flower Kings, you’ll love this CD.

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Héctor Gómez - November 2002 - No rating  - Burlesco Records