Hamadryad - Conservation Of Mass - 2001


Definitely destiny brought me this album. Once I read that this was a metal prog band influenced by Queensryche & Dream Theater. Nope... Hamadryad is an amazing progressive influenced by classic bands and they only play few notes of metal prog. The thing that happens is that Hamadryad´s songs are full with brutal dynamism, so this album has a strong attitude; but the band plays classic sympho rock with some of the best vocal harmonies I´ve ever listened to.


“Conservation of mass” is the first album from this canadian quintet. It features a instrumental vitality with not too long but very intense and lively instrumental developments. There are acoustic guitars, mellotron, moog and other vintage instruments so the album has a “seventies” flavor but the album sounds fresh. The lead vocalist reminds of Jon Anderson or Geddy Lee and vocal harmonies take us to the best Yes, Gentle Giant or Spock´s Beard, and this gives the band´s sound an extra potential.

This is the line-up of the band: Jean-François Désilests: Bass and vocals, Denis Jalbert: Guitars and vocals, Yves Jalbert: Percussions and vocals, Jocelyn Beaulieu: Lead vocals and guitars and Francis Doucet: Keyboards

This album consists of eleven tracks, some of them long and some of them short but all of them are very intense, varied and brilliant. In the music we can notice influences of bands such as Yes, Rush, UK, Echolyn, so it´s clear the band´s sympho-prog attitude. In the same way the album sounds as if it wasn´t a debut album because the band sounds mature and plenty of resources.


The band in its web announces that they´re already working on a second album, and this is a great new if we take into account the quality of this great debut album.

In short, those who love a classic sound but plenty of power, strength, lyricism and good harmonies should buy this album immediately. A must.

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Julio Fernández - February 2003 -   - Unicorn Records