Greg Rapaport - Wyrd - 2001


The mixture, the fusion, the connection of musical sections coming from different styles, to play and experiment with tunes, accords, noises, instruments and ideas is for me one of the most interesting and risky points, difficult to get with success, and in some way reserved to the great-experienced and talented musicians.


I’m talking about Allan Holdsworth, Scott McGill, Scott Henderson or Pat Metheny. And keep on talking about Steve Howe, Greg Howe, Steve Morse, Roine Stolt or Jimmy Page... and like that we could go as far as the end of the sheet. What I’d like to tell you is that Greg Rapaport could be a name to add to this list. A guitarist that takes, gives form and exposes in a perfect way several styles such as jazz, metal or funky, and all together tied with this thin and glassy progressive line. A line always provide by the prog-rock mentality.

With his third solo album, Greg is reaffirming somehow his career that is going well with the band Nero at first and soloing afterwards from 1998. The record itself is another try of the elasticity and the non-discrimination of whatever the kind of music is used inside a progressive context.

Guided by the thoughts and influences of the above mentioned artists the guitarist carries out, without additional musicians, all sort of rhythms and developments, also using some keys and drum programming. There are 9 songs that can leave you very surprised. The track listing is: “11th portal”, “Mandah”, “The Unconscience”, “Bugjuice”, “Trust”, “Diminished Returns”, “Powderburn”, “Slik”, “Dark matter”. All of them full of rhythm twists and tune breaks, just like a salad of different styles where all the tastes are mixed with surprising precision. And maybe is that, the perfect control that one has of the own creation, framing the music with security and introducing passages of metallic fury, jazzy tapping, and funky rhythms, having as a result something deformed but beautiful.


We will have to follow this young Newyorker guitar and take a look to his progression plenty of good ideas. This “Wyrd” is without any doubt is a good bet for the fusion music and also good to enlarge a bit more the horizon of this old and wise progressive planet. If you’d like to have more information contact with him at

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Jordi Costa - August 2002 -   - Splintedhead Productions Inc.