Finisterre - Storybook - 2001


Finisterre are practically classics inside the modern progressive movement. A band that has inside their members and of course inside their leader Fabio Zufanti the essence and the richness of the Italian progressive music. Records such as "Finisterre" , "In Limine" or "In ogni luogo", have created an indispensable band to enjoy the style in its maximum expression. Together with the also impressive Deus Ex Machina and the surprising DFA, have created and they are building a stupendous progressive framework where to amuse us without fear.


"Storybook" is their second live record (the first one appeared in 1997 and it was titled"Live. margini della terra fertile"). A work something similar to the previous one (the two recordings captures the band at the same epoch) although with two different settings. This last one catches the band in its first incursion on the American audience at the Progday held four years ago. And now you could ask me. Why buy this one if having the previous one?. Very simple, the difference is that Finisterre never had an American performance before and therefore we find ourselves with one of their most spectacular and strong concerts ever, with a high quality track listing, including a cover of the masters PFM. The sound is spectacular and it has a magnificent production. A rural framework leaves the music flowing and filling our lungs with good vibrations, although the picture on the sleeve doesn't go much with this idea. The album is plenty of the greatest and most elaborated songs.

A first part that elapses with the compositions of their second work that by that time was their newest record "In Limine". The sensations that provoke songs such as "In limine", "Horizonte Degli Eventi" or "Hispanica" can be imagined. Authentic classics of the modern art-rock. I've always believed that Finisterre were the authentic heirs of the magic and of the art of the great bands of the seventies. They possess an extraordinary sensibility that it's transformed into baroque and intense musical drama that fills all their compositions and exposed in this live show. What can I say about "Altaloma". The classic from Mussida and Premoli covered perfectly. I would say that's better than the original one. You could take the old live record of Premiata containing that song tilted "Cook", and make the comparison.

All right, the second part of the CD is filled by the material of their first album, "Macinaaqua, Macinaluna", "Asia". Almost closing the record we have the composition called "Phaedra", where the group begins to conclude and to mix inside their own songs small classical sections that drives the audience crazy. Inside "Phaedra" we find rhythms of "21st century schizoid man" and also "Firth of fifth" in its central section and provoking great emotion. The work concludes with "Canto Antico", a perfect end with the rhythm of "The musical box", with a great power delivered by all the components of the band.


To conclude this review, I have nothing more to say but to recommend this new record of the Italian group. An excellent job done by the band and also by Moonjune Record. For the ones that don't know them is an album that will open the doors of a an extraordinary group of great talent and musicianship. For the ones that already knows them but they do not have any live work is a job of power and that will fill an important hole in your discotheque. For the ones that have it all is an indispensable complement for your collection. I don't think none of you would like to miss this fantastic record.

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Jordi Costa - October 2001 -   - Moonjune Records