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... the Steve Hackett connection ...


When I visited a gig in my hometown Apeldoorn, the multi-instrumentalist Franck Carducci told me about the Steve Hackett connection. Of course Steve Hackett is one of his heroes and when he was invited to perform as support-act for the master he spoke with Steve hackett about his musical dreams. Steve pushed him to follow his dream and make that progressive album. Now a year later Franck Carducci presents his album “Oddity”. Together with the help of a bunch of musicians (including John Hackett) he recorded that progressive rock album.


Franck Carducci - basses, electric guitars, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, lead and backing vocals, Mellotron, Hammond organ, piano, classical guitar, tibetan bell, mandolin, tambourine, handclaps, voices, synths

with contributions of:
Phildas Bhakta - drums; John Hackett - flute; Richard Vecchi - Hammond organ, piano, synths lead guitar, handclaps, Fender Rhodes piano; Florence Marien - nymphs voices, vocals, handclaps; Niko Leroy - Hammond organ, synths; Toff - drums; Nicolas Gauthier - vocals, handclaps; Marianne Delphin - vocals; Christophe Obadia - lead guitar, didgeridoo, vocals; Vivika Sapori-Sudemäe - violin; Gilles Carducci - mandolin, Fred Boisson - drums; Yanne Matis - vocals; Larry Crockett - drums; Michael Strobel - lead guitar; Chris Morfin - handclaps; Julia - reading excerpts


On this album you can find four long and diverse progressive rock compositions, a small song with folk and pop influences (“The Eyes Of Age”) and two bonus tracks (“The Carpet Crawlers” and the radio-edit of the song “Alice’s Eerie Dream”). The album opens with one of the highlights of the album, a song entitled “Achilles”. It is a diverse song with great instrumental parts and delicate vocal lines. On this track you find the beautiful contributions of Steve Hackett's brother John on the flute. What strikes me is the similarity in Frank's voice with that of Nick Barrett. The music has also some similarities with the music of Pendragon. “The Quind” (Quiet Mind) has a delicate opening with piano, Hammond organ and twelve string guitars. The twelve string guitar you will always associate with the music of the old Genesis. You can find some beautiful vocal and synth melodies on this quiet song. Also there are some Pink Floyd influences. “The Eyes Of Age” is a small song with folk and pop influences. It does not fit very well with the other material. The next long track is called “Alice’s Eerie Dream”. The song is more rock and blues orientated with a lot of Hammond organ and guitar solo's. The next highlight is a song entitled “The Last Oddity”. Together with the songs “Achilles” and “The Quind” this song has the most progressive atmosphere. I like the twelve string guitars and the synth melodies. In the second part of the song you find a lot of Hammond organ and some references to the album “The Snow Goose” from the British formation Camel.

The first bonus track is the Genesis cover “The Carpet Crawlers” that was origionally released on the Genesis album “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”. Over the years, as a Genesis fan, I've heard a lot of bands covering this track. This one is a good and tasteful one. One of the melodies is performed by Vivika Sapori-Sudemäe on the violin. But Franck Carducci stays close to the original ... nice one.


Franck Carducci made a good prog album with some great songs (“Achilles”, “The Quind” and “The Last Oddity”). At the moment he is touring with an own band. I wonder how his music will develop in the next few years. Will he follow the difficult path that progressive bands has to follow? Watching him performing live I noticed that he is also at ease in a blues and rock setting. A talented guy ...

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