Everwood - Without Saving - 2011



“a twelve-song trip into the depths of the human soul”


After “Mind Games” (2005) and the “Raven's Nest” (2007), “Without Saving” is the third studio album of the Hungarian melodic rock/metal band Everwood. It is a twelve-song trip into the depths of the human soul; a journey from an inevitable end, through the void and into the rebirth of letting go. It represents everything that the band has stood for in the past few years. So you can see this album as the debut of the new formation Everwood.


Sandor Kallai - bass guitar; Attila Tanczer - keyboards, additional sampling; Tamas Szabo - drums; Ferenc Farkas - guitar; Matyas Haraszti - lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Guests: Csilla Gáspár - cello in “Free” and “Quit without Saving”; Bence Temesvári - violin in “Free” and “Quit without Saving”; Péter Schrott - backing vocals in “Never trust a Snake”


The album opens with “Rain”, a song in the old Dream Theater tradition. I say old because Dream Theater developed with their new album “A Dramatic Turn of Events” a more progressive and even more symphonic style. “Never trust a Snake” is a short song with more melody and some nice keyboard parts. In “Desert Sun” you can hear some oriental atmospheres and some nice melodic guitar and keyboard parts. This side of the music of Everwood I like most. The ballad “Free” opens with a delicate piano and acoustic guitar. This is a beautiful song with melodic vocal lines and nice violin and guitar parts. For me this is a highlight of the album. “Experience This” is a more up tempo song but the band manage to preserve melody in this track. In “Can't Find” melodic keyboard parts are combined with heavy parts. A song with a nice structure. “Make me Famous” is more rock orientated. With “Walls” the band is slowing down a bit. This track has more melody and is more diverse. It is a diverse track with some oriental atmospheres and orchestral keyboards ... nice one! “Pieces” is a short instrumental song with a nice melodic guitar part and a synth solo. Also in the rocker “My Own Vision” you can hear a nice synth solo. The album closes with the songs “Insecure” and “Quit without Saving”. “Insecure” has some nice rhythm breaks and seamless goes into “Quit without Saving”. This title track with a beautiful vocal part has a classical structure with cello and violin contributions.


“Without Saving” is a good album for lovers of the more heavy side of progressive rock. The great thing about the music of Everwood is that the band manage to preserve melody in their music. The album is in balance and has enough diversity to maintain the attention of the listener.

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