Evergrey - Recreation Day - 2003


Finally we receive the 4th album of the Swedish Evergrey. “Recreation Day” is the name of the album. This new work goes in a more progressive and darker wave than in their previous albums. The current formation of the band has 5 members: Thomas Englund (guitar and voice), Michael Hakansson (bass guitar), Rikard Zander (keyboards), Henrik Danhage (guitar) and Patrick Carlsson (drums). This time, the production process it has been carried out by Henrik and Thomas with the help of the famous Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames) doing a great job on the mixer. Well, let´s go to see what these boys offer us with this new album:


"The great deceiver" is the title of the first track. A good heavy metal deal with sharp guitars lead us in to the CD and already from the first beats we can appreciate a good quality & remarkable sound. We also find progressive parts by way of very compacted & interrupted rhythms with melodic & at the same time dark atmospheres. A good track to start the album that make us longing to continue the listening. "End of your days" begins with an synthesizer intro and again with some mid/tempo compasses. In this occasion the song takes a more loud look but heavier than the previous one but mostly based on the keyboards. It´s necessary to highlight the middle part especially in the solo parts, in which reach a high musical degree of accuracy. We will also highlight the melodic refrain of this song. If somebody had been sleeping "As I lie here bleeding" introduces us again in the hardness of this the CD. It is in this track we can appreciate their deep 80s influences in the way of melodic metal. A more commercial track that the previous ones but that doesn't lose the metal wave of this album. "Recreation day" is the song that gives name to the CD. This time Evergrey decided to focus a bit but in the choirs and melody. With a beautiful central part full of melody and feeling they have made one of the best songs of the album. The metal discharge returns with "Visions", a song that reminds us in some moments to Vanden Plas. With the first topic, "Visions" is one of the most direct tracks of the album and without a doubt I am sure that they will include it on their live shows. Now time for a ballad. "Im sorry" is the slower song of the album, quite commercial and guided toward their female fans. In spite of being a slow song they don't lose neither an apex of hardness due to a good & loud rhythmic base. "Blinded" introduces us on the CD again. It is at this time where the album begins to be repetitive. We can find too many resemblances to the previous track "Recreation Day". "Fragmets" is slower than the previous ones but we can appreciate influences of bands like Pantera and similar's. As in the first song of the album they have introduced a choir section that gives a more "Gregorian" feeling to the song. A good introduction with acoustic guitars opens up "Madness caught another victim". A track where we find only guitars and voice being able to be more interesting. The end of the CD is near but we still listen to "Your darkest hour". A track in which they have included a feminine voice as a solo instrument in the central part of the song. "Unforgivable" is the last track of the album. It´s here where we appreciate their Swedish roots with parts that remind us to bands like In Flames or Yngwie Malmsteen. Finally we find a bonus track called "Trilogy of the damned", a long song with beautiful vocal melodies wrapped up by a melodic & constant keyboard (during the whole CD).


Summarizing, “Recreation Day” is a great album, maybe something repetitive but quite remarkable so it is difficult to be original and interesting practicing this musical style. An exceptional production with which they have gotten a brilliant sound. We wait to see them live & see their quality on stage.

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Germán Villén - March 2003 -   - Inside Out