Everon - Fle$h - 2002


Last July I wrote about the release of the album titled "Bridge" and now it´s time for "Fle$h", the second Everon´s album released this year. They had stuff enough for two albums and they decided to release them. Both albums haven´t any link between them, so we have to review them with different approach.


Now Everon has a great level in terms of quality and complexity. "Fle$h" (the sixth album of the band) is a very symphonic album plenty of impressive epic moments, amazing arrangements and a little bit far from rock and metal attitudes. This is the main difference between this album and "Bridge" or any other previous albums. But the songs have lots of power and energy.

This album consists of eight tracks, seven between 3:20 and 7:45 min. and just in the middle an amazing long track with 14:18 min. This is the second time that Everon releases a long length track, the kind of songs that progheads call "suite".

In this album collaborate a string section with orchestral arrangements and Judith Stüber, a guest vocalist with a good voice. Piano and guitars are the main characters in this album and, because of it, perhaps the rhythm section is not as brilliant as it used to be. But both the bassist and the drummer do a great job here.

The line-up remains the same: Oliver Philipps: Vocals, guitars, keyboards - Christian Moos: Drums - Schymy: Bass and Ulli Hoever:Guitars

"Already Dead" and "The River" are two wonderful tracks with great arrangements with Oliver singing along with Judith. Two unusual and amazing songs. I always loved Oliver as a vocalist but in this album he sings like an angel. "Missing From The Chain" is a nice track plenty of feeling, soft as velvet, and glorious. "And Still It Bleeds" is the opening track, and the album begins in a delicate way with some moments of power, 100% Everon. I love "Pictures Of You" with lots of colors, uncanny instrumental parts, and nice vocals. In the middle of the track there is a great guitar solo. Maybe this is my favorite song. "Half As Bad" is an anthem plenty of positive energy, with a surprising dynamism. "Back In Sight" is the song than closes the album in a minimalists way.

But the highlight of the album is "Fle$h", it begins in a softly way, with a piano and a guitar with medieval aromas. Then the music changes with a stormy and chaotic phase of heavy distorted music, and a great end. An unusual track with lots of energy from the beginning. Satisfaction guaranteed and a highlight in Everon´s career.



In short, and apart from all the beauty and sympho inside the album, in every track there is an controlled explosion of sonic emotion, with great epic moments.

There are people who label Everon´s music as AOR or hard neo prog, trying to insult the band (damn labels) and surely they don´t notice that behind that seemingly superficiality there is an unlabelled freshness hidden. Lately I´ve been listening to this album over and over again, and it is candidate for being one of the best albums in 2002. Never an Everon´s album has defrauded me. You can find music plenty of life and emotion in all their albums.

When I review a cd I want to be as much impartial as I can, and sometimes I forget to express feelings and emotions. This time I don´t want to repress myself so I deeply recommend you this "Fle$h".

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Julio Fernández - December 2002 -   - Mascot