Everon - Fantasma - 1999


Everon is a German group that now presents us their last and expected album "Ghost". This is the fourth album after the fantastic "Paradoxes" (1993), "Flood" (1995) and "Venus" (1997).

The group is formed by:
Oliver Philipps: Voice, lead guitar, piano, keyboards, production and composer Christian Moos: Drums, sound engineer and production. Schymy: Bass Ulli Hoever: Guitars (substituting the previous guitarist Ralf Janssen)

I also want to highlight a wonderful artist that has worked in the artwork of all their albums, Gregory Bridges, which without a doubt had given elegance and class to the image of the group.


After this small introduction, I will try and describe the musical offer of this group. The formula that Everon shows us in "Ghost" is exactly the same one that in the previous works although with some small variations that are appreciated more in the form that in the content, so this work doesn't look too much like the previous ones. To start with this work offers us great quality, but little evolution.

The method of Everon is in principle quite simple and it doesn't contribute to the progressive genre great originality or complexity. However, they offer a very dynamic and effective music that is able to make me burst with adrenaline in form of emotion. The songs have an overflowing energy with great amount of epic moments, luminous instrumentation with the help of piercing guitars, ferocious rhythm section and a magnificent and spongy "mousse" of keyboards. All this mixed in a fair and varied measure with calm moments, almost always played by the piano and the magnificent (really) voice of O. Philipps.

The force and energy (not Heavy) of Everon is very subliminal and it is hidden in the elegance of the relatively short but varied songs. They are small musical worlds. I would say as a guide (not to compare) that they remind me of the "Hold Your Fire" stage of Rush and I only refer here to the strong dynamics and force of the songs, as both bands are very different in personality.

Now I will explain you what is inside "Ghost":

1 "Men Of Rust" opens up the disk with the energy that characterizes the group: a fast entry with needle-guitar and quick piano, a perfectly controlled and dosage power and a well arranged rhythm section. A classic Everon piece. It is a pity that, in my view, the final section is not well resolved.

2 "Perfect Remedy". A mid tempo with contained force that seems as if it will explode at any moment, this maintains us waiting the whole time. A magnificent vocal chorus.

3 "Fine With Me". Another avalanche of sound in a small jar, a short but intense and compact piece with the whole essence of the group.

4 "A Day By The Sea". This half-ballad begins with Oliver a la Peter Hammill (just for some seconds) it stops then to move into the simplicity and forcefulness of that energy that I like so much in Everon, that makes that all the songs have a monumental character.

5-9 "Fantasma" This almost 15 minute song (the longest in the whole discography of the group) is divided in 5 super different and very blended parts. Here we find the whole magic, personality and variety that characterizes the group. Crazy rhythms mingled with ease with melodic and soft parts. This is Everon in its maximum expression. We find also guest musicians with violin, violoncello and classic guitar that give the song more richness and subtlety when it is required.

10 "Battle Of Words". In the works of the group there is almost always an excellent instrumental piece as this one, varied and intense, where all the musicians shine equally. Listening to this piece is when I think how much I would like to see this group in concert.

11 "May You". A very good song that begins in a ballad mood, absolutely full of feeling and gets ready to explodes with all the force of the group in the ending section. The song ends and you have to breathe deep.

12-13 "Ghosts" This piece has a small subtle and ambient foreword that leads non stop to a guitar base and voice that slowly grows in intensity until overflowing in a rolling instrumental part with epic poetry. In the middle part of the song, a beautiful vocal section with acoustic guitar and military drums. In spite of using formulas repeated by other groups in multitude of occasions, here they sound to me fresh.

The album ends and I have enjoyed the time. Everon and I are already well-known friends (although they don't know it) and we are for good or bad made for each other (musically speaking......) and I know that if they released a new album next month I would again buy it.

I have a friend that is married with a wonderful, attractive, intelligent and affectionate woman that is the envy of all his friends and he is aware of it, but at the same time he feels tremendously attracted by a ordinary, vulgar neighbor of doubtful reputation. This is apparently a contradiction but as he says: "I feel I cannot avoid it".

I don't know if this serves as example, but I have the same feeling with this group. I recognize that for a person with multiple badges of progressive merit as me and that looks for, above all originality, experimentation and evolution in this music, Everon in principle should not be an appetizing plate. But if I am sincere and I leave my prejudices aside, I have to recognize that this group is one of those that has made me happier in the last years and "I feel I cannot avoid it".


If you don't know to the group, go ahead: you have four valid options in CD where to submerge in. If you already know them, "Ghost" ensures you the same (or more) emotions than in the three previous ones.

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Julio Fernández - July 2000 -   - Mascot Records