Eloy Fritsch - Exogenesis - 2012



“ For all the years of great synthesizer music, thank you:
Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Rick Wakeman and Isao Tomita ”
( Eloy Fritsch website: www.ef.mus.br )


Eloy Fritsch is the main force behind the Brazilian Neo-Prog band Apocalypse. I remember the first Musea release of the album “Perto do Amanhecer” in the year 1995. The band has released some fine studio albums, but somehow it was for me always difficult to get my hands on those albums. So I'm very happy that Eloy send me a promo CD with great live recordings of Apocalypse. But did you know that Eloy Fritsch is also releasing solo albums? “Exogenesis” is already the ninth album of Eloy Fritsch! On his solo albums he is concentrating more on the electronic side of his music. Eloy is influenced by the great synthesizer music of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Rick Wakeman and Isao Tomita.


Eloy Fritsch - all synthesizers, keyboards and instruments
This album is produced, composed, arranged and performed by Eloy Fritsch


“Exogenesis” opens with the short track “Gaia” that is influenced by and has that typical Vangelis sound. “Neutron Star” is a beautiful track with delicious synth strings and cheerful melodies and the music sometimes reminds me of the later work of Tangerine Dream. The short “Sunshine” has more percussion and vocal harmonies that will remind you of the Celtic sound of Enya. Eloy is playing a synth solo on top of these layers of music. More interesting is the title track “Exogenesis” that is divided into four parts. In “Part One” you will hear some influences of Jean Michel Jarre and the synth solo's often reminds me of Rick Wakeman. This album is actually an ode to the mentioned synthesizer music of these artists. The opening of “Part Two” of this suite sounds mysterious and has an eastern atmosphere. The synth solo in the end is great. The music seamless flows into “Part Three” which has a more electronic character (space music). “Part Four” with it's broad synthesizer strings is one of the highlights of the album for me. The breathtaking melodies are accompanied by electronic drums. The next track is called “Mayan Temple”. In the first part there are some Tangerine Dream influences but throughout the years Eloy Fritsch has developed also his own musical style. The positive thing is that the song is divers so the music continues to fascinate. For electronic music ... this is a great compliment. The beautiful and delicate “Far Above The Clouds” is influenced by the music of Vangelis and Kitaro. This composition has beautiful melodies. “Moonwalk” is more in the vein of a melodic Tangerine Dream. “Moonwalk” is a delicious track with some nice synth solos. In overall the atmosphere is very relaxed. “The Ice Sea Of Enceladus” is even more beautiful. A piece with orchestral keyboard strings and breathtaking melodies. The beautiful melodies continues in the next track “New Dawn”. The second part of this album has very strong melody lines. The album closes with the composition “The Immensity Of The Cosmic Ocean”. The delicate and beautiful melody lines of this orchestral music reminds me again of the music of Vangelis. It is a worthy ending of a good electronic album that has some great moments.


“Exogenesis” the ninth solo album of Apocalypse keyboardist Eloy Fritsch is a good electronic album that has some great moments. The music is very melodic and has the needed diversity so the music continues to fascinate. On this album Eloy shows his respect to the music of Vangelis. But there are also references to the music of Rick Wakeman, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. I recommend this album to open minded prog fans and the lovers of electronic music. On this album you can hear some breathtaking melodies. And one of the best compliments that you can give to composers of electronic music ... the music has warmth.

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