Eclisse - Dinamica 1 - 1999


From Italy, one of the most progressive countries, we have Eclisse, a quintet formed by Adamo Troiani (voice), the brothers Gianluca and Berardo Rastelli (guitars), Giancarlo Abrigata (keyboards), Antonio Bernardini (bass) and Pietro Adamoli (drums). Whenever we stand before an Italian CD we have in mind works of mythical bands as Banco, P.F.M., and so many others that printed in golden letters their sound in the history of progressive rock. I believe that lyricism is something embedded in the Italians’ DNA and that even young bands as Eclisse show in their own musical compositions. Nevertheless, listening to this band, we find that on time, tastes change and fashion get global. Maybe it is because this is their first work, but these guys try to synthesize too many influences in too little time, so next to very high quality pieces, there are other songs that remind too much of music already heard.


The initial song "Dio dello specchio" begins promisingly with a structure very similar to what you could call Italian Neoprogressive, and one of those hoarse Italian voices that we Spaniards like so much. However, halfway in the piece, the music becomes too prog metallish (hey, this is too common these days), while above the whiplash of guitars the keyboard player plays an impressive solo full of emotions. The second song "Mostri di fango" is, without a doubts, one of the most inspired pieces in the CD, with a tremendously lyrical organ introduction and a very personal instrumental development, in spite of reminding clearly of Rush. "Lontano dalla paura" is a calmer track, although with brief discharges of speed that is really not necessary. "La carezza del mare" has a Mediterranean flavour and an astonishing intensity, with a very hot guitar full of feeling, an atmosphere that is also shown in "Lacrima en el cielo". "Ad un passo dal paradiso" starts in a pop way, but wins intensity as the minutes go on, finishing in a nice way. To conclude "Vorrei vivere" drinks from the essence of Italian progressive, being a very lyrical and tremendously effective piece alive (I guess), since it shows a lot of tension.


In definitive, Eclisse are very good musicians with good ideas that, once more polished, should surprise us in a pleasant way in the future. They should not be discouraged as they have an open wide horizon before them.

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