Draw the Curtains - Drama of time - 2002


From the cold lands of Norway come the people of Draw The Curtains. The band was formed in 1998 as a result of the breakup of its previous band called Aurora Borealis. After looking for several members to complete the formation, they began to be known as a purely instrumental band. In spite of practicing a very technical style, they looked for a singer to consolidate themselves as a real band and to increase their level. Therefore, they were consolidated with the following line-up: Sigbjorn Galaen (synthesizers), Oyvind Noraas Danielsen (guitars), Andreas Angell (voice), Ida Auckland (Alleluia!, a woman playing this style!) bass & voice, Eivind Bertelsen (guitars) and Orjan Aare Jorgensen (Drums). When finding a complete and stable formation they prepared to be given to know (this time at a higher level) causing a big interest in press and television. In the early winter of 2002, Draw the Curtains decided to work in its first professional EP recorded in a professional studio. In this recording, they had the help of the amazing singer Jorn Lande (Mundanus Imperium, Ark, Nikolo Kotzev, etc...) who was focused on the mixing sessions of this EP.


Well, after this introduction we´ll go into this succulent EP:

Firstly, I am surprised by the great work carried out in the booklet and cover CD designed by Siggy and Orjan who, besides in the musical, they have a great future working in CD designs.

The first track is called “Bewitched After Death” and already from the first compasses, I can appreciate the dark atmospheres that inspire these guys. A clearly directed overwhelming base toward the Black-Death so popular in their country and also many sinister keyboards. On the other hand, the voice doesn't carry out any guttural, the voice of Andreas Angell is guided toward a more melodic way giving a more interesting touch to their songs. "The Swallowed Drama of Time" goes in the same way that the previous track but specially I can notice Ida’s voice who harmonizes and supplements the lead vocals very well. I can also notice that they have worked hard in the harmonies between the two guitars, even more than in the previous track. Great hardness in the guitar riffs and complicated drumming (sometimes their sound remind me to the American band called Death). Well, now we enter the final song of this EP called "Entering the Oblivion". Continuing in the same wave of the previous tracks I appreciate that the vocal melodies take more protagonism but without losing the hardness, the gloomy and the dark keyboards parts. At last, they delight us with some extracted words of the Cliver Barker´s “Books of Blood”.


Finally, I can say that Draw The Curtains has surprised me. I had not listened to bands that sounded like Mundanus Imperium for a long time, bands that possessed the aggressiveness of the Norwegian Black-Death bands. They direct their vocal textures to more melodic and at the same time dark parts. Good technical level among the members of the band and quite original songs (it’s difficult in these times). Unfortunately, I have to criticize to this band in the merely progressive and the truth is that they don't play a progressive music a lot. Even so, don't make a mistake looking at this rating because they are a great band that will be known soon. Personally, I like them very much.

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