Dead Soul Tribe - Dead Soul Tribe - 2002


Dead soul tribe is the solo project of Devon Graves, the guitarist and leader of the American heavy-metal band Psychotic Waltz. And the truth is that the record, at first site and knowing from what record company was coming, it didn't give me a very good vibration . The first thing that came to my mind was something like "well here we are with Inside Out presenting us a new CD that mixes a low-quality metal with the progressive ". And reviewing visually the ugly cover I asked myself if it really was worth while to investigate a record that seemed to be the usual repetition of the same old prog-metal structure.


Well. ... then, after playing the CD several times I may tell you that I was wrong. It is a quality work, not boring at all, with great moments and masterful compositions, to leave you completely satisfied. A record that as its creator says, has been conceived after a bad personal phase, painted in a dark and intense picture and at the same time powerful (not aggressive). It seems to be truth that the best creative moments comes during and after depressive situations. You could ask Phil Collins. Mr.Graves has been surrounded by all he needed, he has recorded in his own studio in Vienna and accompanied by magnificent musicians. Adel Moustafa takes over a fantastic drum machine, Volker Wilschko with the rhythmic guitar and Roland Ivenz with the bass.

It is not a record that shines with the same intensity on all its compositions, but contains a very high percentage of very interesting material. They are not a very virtuoso musicians, but the work has got elegance and an exquisite production. To give you an idea, in this record you can find influences coming from King's X of the darkest Dream Theater , Ayreon in its metal side and a decadent atmosphere that in some moments reminds the Pink Floyd from the Waters era. All the pieces uses introductions and thrilling atmospheres that wrap powerful developments of guitar, a correct voice and a rhythmic section that is perhaps one of the most spectacular and brilliant points. "Powertrip" is a powerful introduction and at the same time leads to pieces like "Coming down" or "You" covered with splendid arrangements, creating in general terms simple execution compositions with the highest result. We find ourselves also with raw and more direct songs like "One bullet", small instrumental parenthesis like "Empty" or "Anybody there". And songs that mix it all like the splendid "The haunted" or "Cry for tomorrow". Anyway, the ones that decide to get this work will be very pleased with the two last compositions. "Into..." and "Into the spiral cathedral" greatness and at the same time perfect pieces full of epic and grandeur melodies. With magnificent orchestral arrangements, reminding us how exciting progressive rock can be when well executed.


I don't know, but the CD has pleased me a great deal much more than what I was expecting, in fact I didn't expect anything but finally I've found many things. It is not the same kind of thing as usual. It's a CD that you can notice done with the heart, coming out of some tremendous desires of expressing some deep feelings, ideas, etc. It is not a record to fill empty spaces, it's a work to count on and delight us many times.

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Jordi Costa - March 2002 -   - Inside Out