Derek Sherinian - Oceana - 2011



“Oceana is a great heavy jazz fusion album.”


Derek Sherinian doesn't need to be introduced to you all. Everybody knows the technical keyboardist with his unique synthesizer sounds. Famous about his four Dream Theater years and later on with his own fusion/metal band Planet X. And at the moment he is also member of supergroup Black Country Communion. Between 2000 and 2009, Sherinian released several albums including “Universe” (2000), “Inertia” (2001), “Moonbabies” (2002), “Black Utopia” (2003), “Mythology” (2004), “Blood of the Snake” (2006) and “Molecular Heinosity” (2009).


Derek Sherinian - keyboards; Simon Phillips - drums; Jimmy Johnson - bass (with the exception of “Ghost Runner” and “Oceana”)

Additional musicians;
Steve Lukather, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Stevens, Joe Bonamassa, Doug Aldrich, Tony Franklin


The album “Oceana” is an album full of great jazz fusion tracks with a heavy bite. The album is produced by Derek Sherinian and Simon Phillips (Toto). The mix is also done by Mr. Simon Phillips.

As you all know Simon Phillips is a fantastic drummer and I always regrets that because he became a full member of Toto and produced albums for other musicians he didn't had time for his own Jazz Fusion band. I remember a great concert of his band at the North Sea festival in Holland. Well with great pleasure I can recommend this album also to the fans of Simon Phillips.

Because next to the heavy tracks full of up-tempo guitar and flashing keyboard solo's, you can find some great jazz fusion tracks. Often this tracks are a combination of jazz and blues elements in the style of Jeff Beck (“I heard that”).

You can even find some funky bits on this album (“El camino diablo”). In “Seven Sins” some guitar parts also reminds me of the work of Allan Holdsworth. This is a fine song with also great keyboard stuff of Derek. The closing track “Oceana” has some beautiful melodies and a great melodic guitar solo by Steve Stevens.

For me as a fan of Jazz Fusion and Simon Phillips the tracks “Euphoria”, “Seven Sins” and “Oceana” are the highlights of this fine album.

To promote the release of “Oceana”, Derek will embark on a solo tour in early 2012.


“Oceana” is a keyboard dominated rock album with great guitar and drum work. The music will not only appeal to heavy metal fans, but also to fans of (heavy) jazz fusion. It is a coherent album that is in balance. Simon Phillips did a good job, mixing this album. All the musicians, playing on this album, have great technically and musical skills. I'm sure you will enjoy this fine album.

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