Disequazione - Progressiva Desolazione Urbana - 2016


“... never judge an album by it’s cover. ...”


Disequazione was originally founded back in 1980 by bassist Giorgio Radi and guitarist Vinicio Marcelli. After playing covers of the English Prog bands of the seventies they composed their own material. But because of unsteady line-up’s the band never recorded an album. In the year 2012 Giorgio and Vinicio would meet up with former keyboardist Dario Degrassi and joined by drummer Fioder Cicogna and singer Luca Sparagna the band recorded their debut album “Progressiva Desolazione Urbana” in 2016. The album has been released on the Italian Andromeda Relix label and is distributed by Gtmusic.


Giorgio Radi - bass; Vinicio Marcelli - guitars; Dario Degrassi - keyboards; Fiodor Cicogna - drums; Luca Sparagna - vocals


As a graphic designer myself (at the moment I am working on the artwork of the new Anima Mundi album) I was a little bit shocked when I did see the album cover ... well never judge a book by it’s cover. The album has four tracks and a long title track which is a suite that is divided into three parts. Luckily the vocals are in The Italian language. In this way the Italian atmosphere of the music is guaranteed. The album opens with the track “Inutile”. The first part is uptempo and has an uplifting atmosphere. With Luca Sparagna the band has a fine vocalist. Halfway the song the Hammond organ makes place a little while for beautiful keyboard strings and an acoustic guitar. in the second part of this song band is generating beautiful melodies. A fine opener. In the opening of “Il Vaso Di Pandora” you can enjoy lovely bass parts and melodic guitar work. All this supported by lovely keyboard parts. Later on the fretless bass is returning before you can enjoy a lovely synth solo. The song develops into one of my personal favorites. The music of Disequazione is all about melody. Beautiful track with some early Camel (Peter Bardens period) influences. “E’ Giorno Ormaii” is an uptempo song with a catchy vocal refrain and some nice synths, guitar and bass parts. With “Nel Giardino Del Piccolo Gik” the band slows down a bit. While listening to this album I had several times flashbacks of one of my favorite Camel albums; “The Snow Goose”. Not that the music is a replication of this period but the keyboard sounds with a lot of Hammond organ and the way of how the guitar is played does this trick with my mind. I know that the band in their early days also covered some Camel songs. The album closes with the instrumental title track “Progressiva Desolazione Urbana” which is divided into three parts. “Part one” has an uptempo opening with uplifting guitar melodies. But the track has diversity and you can enjoy delicate guitar parts and lovely synth and organ solo’s also. “Part One” and “Part Three” are separated by the short “Part Two”. It is a kind of atmospheric interlude with some samples. ”Part Three” is almost eleven minutes long and again I had to think again of the early Camel period (“Mirage” + “The Snow Goose”) which I love so much. Beautiful melodic guitar work, a fine rhythm section and lovely analog keyboard sounds. This part is absolutely the highlight of the album for me. Just love it!


Indeed ... never judge an album by it’s cover ... this debut album is an album full of nice melodies and fine musicianship. There are long instrumental parts in the music of Disequazione. Only for the long title track I would buy this album. Especially if you like the early period of Camel when Peter Bardens was still around, there is a big chance you will love this album. Just check it out for yourself!

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