DFA - Work in progress live - 2001


We can not complain. In this second half of year we find ourselves within an avalanche of musical creations so much in studio as live works, that calms a little the fans' nerves , provoked by the beginning of the year's lack of new releases. Although, personally I think that what we need is a little bit of new blood. Everything that is released comes from groups that we already know. Let's begin to discover and to give a push to the new bands with new ideas.


Well, after this small protest intro I would like to introduce you a record that is worth a great deal, coming from a brilliant band and I am sure that you will love it. DFA is a group that comes from Italy and more concretely from Verona. A band that was created by the mid of the nineties and that already has a couple of excellent studio works to which we are adding this live one. I'm sure that people that usually reads progressive press will recognize their name and also their two albums "Lavori in Corso" (1997) and "Duty free area" (1999). A group that, already from the start, surprised the prog fans by using the most complex and challenging progressive structures. Musicians with musical inventive, curiosity and fearless that takes them to play with some of the most intoxicated arrangements and improvisation reminding Gentle Giant, Banco and Deus Ex Machina (actually the singer of Deus ex Machina, Alberto Pyres, was in charge of the promotion and publication of their two previous works), and the unmistakable trademark that all the good Italian bands have.

This "Work in progress live" catches the best moments of their surprising performance at the NEARfest 2000. A concert in which the band exposed, for the first time in America, all its great talent and where they introduced a good collection of themes belonging to its two albums. The band is formed by Silvio Minella (guitars), Luca Baldassari (bass), Alberto de Grandis (drums and vocals) and Alberto Bonomi (keyboards and vocals).

"Escher" (10:08) and "Caleidoscopio" (9:16) are the two pieces belonging to their last studio work and that opened up their performance, exposing all their musical philosophy. Compositions like "Escher" are formed by an electronic-cosmic introduction by the keyboards and by the constant changes of rhythm, having enough room for the delicate, calm and classic progressive development, introducing moments of Hammond and some pure and dissonant controlled improvisation. The introduction of the vocals in "Calidoscope" enrich and fill the composition giving a touch of perfect harmony. After that, they carried on with three pieces from their first record "Lavori in Corso" titled "Trip on Metró" (6:36), "La via" (15:25) and "Pantera" (8:10). The first one is a surprising piece where they investigate the dissonance with an amazing conjunction of the instruments. The second is a work of art, with lyrical moments full of intensity and of beautiful landscapes broken by delicate jazzy improvisation. The third one is the mixture of the previous two and an example of what we could call a one hundred per cent progressive composition. The audience seemed to be impressed by the great show. Didn't you want real progressive music?, Well, here you are!! The CD ends with another spectacular song called "Ragno" (11:12). Their last firework, and one more time they showed their tremendous genius.


You can not miss the opportunity to listen to this record. It contents all that you wish to listen. If you are a progressive fan I'm sure you look for very strong musical sensations. All that orgasmic sensation that you will find in this CD. An excellent production, artwork and a fantastic presentation. I can't tell you more, you must listen to it. If you want to get it quickly contact with Moonjune Records at http://www.moonjune.com

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Jordi Costa - October 2001 -   - Moonjune Records