Delusion - The Tragedy of Regret - 2003


Perhaps not now, but if they polish their style and compositions maybe the North American band Delusion crosses the underground line. This quartet formed by Doug Readmond (drums), Sam Kirkendall (bass), Walt Downey (vocals), and Phil Carnes (guitars, keyboards) tries to play a sort of metal and progressive rock (warning: not metal-prog) with references to bands like Queensrÿche and other embryonic 80´s bands who began to play metal prog. There is also a slight influence by Rush.


There are eleven songs inside this album and none of them exceeds five minutes, so we must praise the merit because the band put progressive structures in few minutes. Anyway, and I stated, here you won´t find any reference to metal prog bands. This album should be appreciated by metal fans or open-minded progheads who want to test the evolution of a genre.

The musicians don´t do a display of instrumental skill, but this is well replaced by a lot of imagination writing. I´d highlight “My Child” (4:55), “Thru the Night” (3:02), “Beyond the Door” (3:53), “Falling” (3:13) or the nice acoustic “The Truth I´ll tell” (3:19), but there are also rocking pieces like “In my life” (4:09) or “I´ll Fly” (4:33).


If they had improve the sound quality, had chosen a better cover-art (this one is horrible) and had focused on more instrumental developments, the album would be advisable for every progVisions reader. But the album is extremely metal oriented, so only the readers interested in heavy sounds a la Queensrÿche will enjoy the music of Delusion. Anyway the band has “something” and probably they´ll give us a good surprise in the future.

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Alfonso Algora - July 2004 -   - Ravenhurst Records