Dali's Dilemma - Manifesto for futurism - 1999


Definitively Magna Carta is losing its mind. Initially it was the avalanche of tribute albums with the presence of the same musicians always, of which just a 50% is interesting. Now the guidelines of the American label move to the realization of numerous projects a la Bozzio-Levin-Stevens, Explorer´s Club, Leonardo, etc. The new children of Magna Carta are Dali´s Dilemma, a Californian band with Matt Guillory (keyboards), a veteran in Magna Carta as he has participated in the tributes of Rush, Pink Floyd, Explorer´s Club; Matthew Bradley (voice), Patrick Reyes (guitars), Steve Reyes (bass) and Jeremy Colson (drums). These last three musicians are members also of the Leonardo project.


Well. Dali´s Dilemma are being welcomed in the progressive and heavy-rock magazines worldwide thanks to this album, which has on its favors that it is played by five musicians of a tremendous technical capacity. That is a gift and a problem. The five members of the band play with virtuosity and quality, but also with an impressive indifference and a dangerous lack of sentiment. The ten pieces included in the CD flow across my mind with indifference in a succession of sounds a la Dream Theater that I don't believe will satisfy even the most fanatic followers of prog metal. This is music for those young kids of 18 years of age that do not listen anymore to Nirvana, Kiss or AC/DC, and that are hypnotized with musicians of a certain level but lacking musical feeling. I will always say this: Dream Theater are unique. They were very original and have released masterpieces of the genre ("Images and Words", "Awake"), but so many clone bands from Berkeley full of virtuosity but with no concern for melody do a slack favor to the North American progressive scene, and to Portnoy’s band in particular.


Many of you will probably not pay attention to me, rush to the record store to buy "Manifesto" for futurism, and be extremely pleased as they are exactly the same than Dream Theater (truly, this cloning even exceeds that of Citizen Cain on Genesis). Summarizing, you decide, after all my work is to comment the album and I have already told you what is it about. If you like the Dream Theater of the glorious "Images..." and "Awake", you will enjoy Dali´s Dilemma. For me, the only really original thing I have found in the album is Dave McKean's impressive cover, but this is not a design E-zine, so the CD is just very poor, maybe only highlighting songs as "Living in fear" or "Miracles in yesterday". Great musicians, little talent.

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Alfonso Algora - April 2000 -   - Magna Carta