Cosmosquad - Squadrophenia - 2002


Second album of these Americans. “Squadrophenia” is the piece of work of three great musicians: Shane Galas on the drums (who previously played for Artension), Jeff Kollman on the guitars and Barry Sparks on the bass guitar. Characterized for mixing various styles, Cosmosquad’s style is similar to Liquid Tension Experiment’s style, but focusing more on the experimentation rather than showing their abilities as musicians.


In the CD we can find all kind of songs: “Cauldron of Evil” for example confirms us that psychedelic touch and experimentation that characterize them. “Sea Broth” is also full of psychedelic parts but the guitars are rockier and it is more dynamic. I continue with the CD player on random and I reach “Winter Innisfall”, in this song I realize how the radically change their style and I find a song full of feeling where Jeff Kollman offers us a great guitar lesson. The other musicians do not fall behind and they also do their bit. It looks like the theme is changing… “Road to Tanzania” is a more funky song with a great drum and bass base. You can also hear some keyboards in this song but all the lights are on the guitarist. “Godzilla’s Revenge” is the paranoia of the album; distorted sounds and a heavy rhythmic bass for a song of 54 seconds (just as well!). I continue listening to the CD and I come across a beautiful ballad called “In Loving Memory” where a smooth melody enters us in an atmosphere of pure feeling. Feeling everywhere in a song I would rate as one of the best of the entire album. “Chinese Eyes” puts us back in place and we receive another discharge of feeling. I carry on listening to the song and… oh! At last the sound of a piano, it was time. A lot of rhythm in this song that is another piece of art of this album. “Creepy Spider” is the first track of the CD where they return to their psychedelic routes. A lot of experimentation, this time with a heavier base, I can also notice a certain arab tone in the guitar melody. Finally we finish with a song called “Jam for Jason” that casually is the one I liked the most; they have managed to unite is this song all the elements that I have mentioned throughout the whole review: feeling, melody, funk and in this case even latin… incredible chorus and a great bass solo. The best part of the whole CD.


Well, what can I say? A very complete CD, that without offering anything new has surprised me with its great melodies and looked after compositions. Take note of the name of the guitarist because it looks like he has a good future. Ideal for fans of Ritchie Kotzen and all other guitar fanatics.

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Germán Villén - June 2002 -   - Mascot Records