Confusion - Genesis - 2001

"Simply Fusion: An intrusion by Confusion"


Confusion is a band from Greece. I don't remember many reviews of Greek bands in progVisions. The only one I can think of is La Tulipe Noir. That band had a link to Marillion and Genesis, but Confusion's album "Genesis" has nothing to do with sympho or neo prog. Confusion is playing Jazz Rock Fusion of a high quality and complexity.


The band exist out of the following members:
Achilleas Diamantis: Guitars, Synth guitar, Keyboard programming. Panagiotis Haramis: Electric Bass, Fretless. Takis Intas: Drums.

Additional players:
Stratos Diamantis: Keyboards. Kristieanne Travers: lyrics and voice.


After releasing a demo this is the first album of Confusion. The band is already working on a next album but we will concentrate on this first effort of this talented band. This album opens with an introduction "Intro" (0:57) in the form of some delicate keyboard samples with a narration in perfect English by Kristieanne Travers the girlfriend of Achilleas Diamantis. In "Where R U?" (4:53) the band starts with a heavy progressive and complex piece of music but suddenly the music switches to bluesy Jethro Tull guitar rock and the next minute you hear a reggae tune which flows into a difficult Jazz Rock piece. This track gives a perfect expression to their name: Confusion.

"7 to 4" (5:24) could be a track of one of the best Alan Holdsworth albums. A fantastic fusion piece with a great fretless bass and drums basis with keyboard and Holdsworth like guitar solo's on top of it. It is amazing to hear such musicianship on a debut album by a band still not discovered by a record label yet. The people of the big labels are sleeping again. On "Traveller in time" (6:18) the brother of Achilleas, Stratos Diamantis is playing some keyboards. The opening of the piece is bringing again memories of Alan Holdsworth. And believe me, if people compare a guitar player with Alan Holdsworth or Scott Henderson you must have a lot of talent and skills. This piece is also a real Confusion piece because in the end the piano and drums are in a duel together and the piano rhythms are bringing you to Cuba.

"Sick" (5:30) is a track with again a lot of variation. Rhythmic jazz-rock pieces with hectic guitar solos are combined with delicious slow fusion work. In "The fool" (4:52) the basis is bluesy but you can hear also some dance rhythms. Panagiotis is playing some nice fretless licks here. My favourite track is "Escaped soul" (9:57) (dedicated to Kristieanne) a delicate track with beautiful and emotional guitar work. Stratos is playing the keyboard strings here. The Holdsworth lovers will enjoy this track a lot. Also I have to mention the delicious bass solo of Panagiotis Haramis.

Next is "Occupational hazard" (6:39) with besides the jazz rock also some blues parts. Takis Intas is showing that he knows something about drumming. In the end Achilleas Diamantis is playing one of his many solo's of this album. Before the album is closed with "Ending" (0:47) ("is your mind a mess?"), which is in the same vain as the introduction of "Intro", we first can listen to a track with the title "Spunky" (4:33). Complex jazz-rock rhythms are combined this time with some Funky music.


Well mixing all those styles is giving some Confusion but the music on "Genesis" is mainly Jazz Rock Fusion orientated. Achilleas Diamantis is the big man behind Confusion but all three members are very talented musicians. It sounds like they have no difficulties to play all those complex structures. People who like the music of Alan Holdworth must listen to Confusion. I know Achilleas likes also the music of like Scott Henderson but I am not very familiar with his music so I won't compare the two. Only the fact that Achilleas sounds often like Holdsworth is a great compliment I think. But besides all the guitar work there is also some great drum and bass playing. "Genesis" is a good fusion album made by some very talented Greek musicians. It is amazing they still have no record deal. I am sure we will hear again from Confusion in the near future.

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