Corde Oblique - Respiri - 2005

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"The new folk-ethereal-ethnic album from the guitarist-composer Riccardo Prencipe
(ex Lupercalia)"


Corde Oblique is the name that Riccardo Prencipe gave to the equip of sound artists that collaborate to this new album. A precious musical chapter, a resonant journey that takes us from little rainy harbors to distant valleys. From the ancient town of Assisi to the beauty of Paris, from the myth of Miseno to the ancient Caserta's splendors. An album for those who love music that gives visions. Riccardo Prencipe: composer, ensemble's mind, plays all classic guitar's lines, percussions, synths, working on the arrangements and lyrics. Experienced Lupercalia's composer-guitarist, with two albums released. He released the first instrumental album "Soehrimnir" (World Serpent - 2000) with the violinist Pierangelo Fevola and the second one "Florilegium" (Equilibrium Music - 2004) with the soprano Claudia Florio. Riccardo continues his musical activity changing name into Corde Oblique by feeling the need of collaboration with different voices and instrumentalists that gave a big contribution to the creation of this album, as executors and in a creative way.


Riccardo Prencipe - composer, ensemble's mind, classic guitar's, percussion, synths,
arrangements and lyrics; Caterina Pontrandolfo - chant, soprano, spoken voice;
Alfredo Notarloberti - violin; Catarina Raposo - vocals; Alessandra Santovito - vocals;
Corrado Videtta - vocals; Luigi Rubino - piano; Francesco Villani - piano;
Francesco Perreca - clarinet


The “Intro” (Captatio Benevolentiae) of the album is a sneak preview of what is to come, delicate classical guitars and percussion with the beautiful violin of Alfredo Notarloberti, the violinist of Argine, Ashram and Lupercalia. After the delicate and classical opening the upbeat and the violin gives the piece a folky touch. Next is “My promise” that opens with an eastern sound but as soon Caterina Pontrandolfo's chant and the medieval percussion starts the song has a more folky atmosphere. Halfway the track beautiful melodies played by classic guitar and violin gives the track a classical ending. “Eventi” is one of my favorite tracks. The beautiful voice of Corrado Videtta gives the piece the atmosphere of an old Italian movie. And everywhere on this album is the violin of Alfredo Notarloberti. This is one of the more progressive/symphonic tracks of this album and it reminds me of the album “La Meccanica Naturale” from the Italian prog band Finisterre. “Waves” is sung by Catarina Raposo the vocalist of the Portuguese band Dwelling. However she sings in English on this track her voice always gives the music a kind of atmosphere that is related to Fado. There are beautiful texts and lyrics in this song. Sadly your reviewer is watching at the carton sleeve of his promo with the beautiful photo of the Japanese photographer Kenro Izu. He is missing the booklet with the lyrics and the other photography. “... Di Parigi” is a beautiful classical track with the piano of Ashram's pianist Luigi Rubino and the guitar of Riccardo Prencipe. “Ascesi” has again the typical Medieval atmosphere you can find often in Neo-Classical music. This piece with parts of immense beauty includes the clarinet of Francesco Perreca, of course the violin and the beautiful voice of Caterina Pontrandolfo. Alessandra Santovito, voice of the Hexperos project and ex-Gothica is the vocalist in “Orme”. What a diversity in voices and vocal styles on this album! A delicate slow song with great melodies. “Fantasia sui tasti bianchi” is a great and delicate classical piano piece played by Francesco Villani. Caterina Pontrandolfo's voice returns in “A guitar sounded like a lute”. The delicate classical guitar is combined with keyboard strings and samples of surround noises that gives the piece an atmosphere with a filmic character. In “Dentro” Caterina Pontrandolfo sings soprano and is most of the time only accompanied by the classical guitar and the violin. In the short atmospheric piece “Le onde” a spoken voice is combined with samples of the sound of waves that reach the shore. “Progressive” is a beautiful acoustic guitar piece. I said it before this album has parts of immense beauty. The highlight of the album is the long last track “Winds of fortune” in which Catarina Raposo is singing in her native language Portuguese. What a beautiful voice she has and she sings with such a passion and delicacy. And only accompanied by the beautiful classic guitar of Riccardo Prencipe and the melodic violin parts of Alfredo Notarloberti. I'm speechless .... what an immense beauty.


“Respiri” the folk-ethereal-ethnic album of Corde Oblique is an album that includes beautiful melodies and moments of immerse beauty. Next to Riccardo Prencipe violist Alfredo Notarloberti has also an important role on this album. This duo is accompanied by excellent musicians and the most beautiful voices in the scene. It is that diversity, the variety of voices and vocal styles that makes this album so special. Highly recommended for the adventurous progfan.

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