Chris Miles - Our Lady of Singularities - 2002


After more than ten years waiting to be relased, the multi-instrumentist Chris Miles finally shows us his album “Our Lady of Singularities”, a sonic –and visual, in a certain sense- experiment linked to the work of French poet Gerard de Nerval. For the definitive edition of this album, Chris has been helped by Stealing the Fire member Chris Bond.


Well... to be honest this extremely deep genre is not my cup of tea. I´m not saying that this album is a bad one. Simply (and this is a warning for those who don´t read reviews in depth) there´s a strong dose of new-age music inside “Our Lady of Singularities”.

The first track “La Treizieme Revient...” (10:41) shows what we´ll find along the seven tracks this album contains: lots of minimalism, peaceful and delicate atmospheres created by synthesizers, harmless sounds, etc. In short: something closer to Phillip Glass than to progressive bands.

The good thing is that Chris music is not boring (as other new age artists) and every track has its own personality. Instead of repeating the same melody with variations in each song, Chris provides them with a special spirit. I can´t highlight better or worse songs... this is a style you love or hate. But the most interesting and versatile tracks are “I ride with the Cathars” (9:28) and the beautiful “Cette Chanson d´amour qui toujours recommence” (5:32).


And I´m sorry to say I can´t add anymore to this review. The two stars and a half are the result of a “craftsman” work you can enjoy in a peaceful night, but also in an elevator or dentist.

You choose.

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